Furry Party Animal Kaleidoscope Goggles

  • GloFX Party Animal Kaleidoscope Goggles are perfect for adding some flair to your rave outfit and unleashing your inner animal!

Halloween Goggles

Furry Party Animal Kaleidoscope Goggles

  • Your Choice of GloFX Chrome, Black, White, or Kandi Swirl Goggles 
  • Your Choice of 4 Faux Fur Colors: Neon Night, Cotton Kandi, Slime, and PLUR Fur
  • Real Glass Crystal Lenses
  • Choose from 9 Different Kaleidoscope Lens Styles
  • High-Quality Hard Coated Polymer Frames
  • Extreme-Comfort Rubber Pads
  • Adjustable Elastic Band
  • Assembled in the USA 

Our high-quality optical grade glass crystals that will send your vision into a prismatic rainbow for a truly immersive experience. Choose from 9 different kaleidoscope effects to create your dimensional vision, and complete your pair with a rim of vibrant fur. These furry goggles are perfect for any music festival, rave, or show – no matter how wild!

Our fur was grown on and trimmed from our four in-house unicorns, each of them producing a unique color pattern. As a result, you can choose from Neon Night, Cotton Kandi, Slime, or PLUR Fur to add some funky and flare to your goggles. Have no fear – GloFX is 100% cruelty-free, and we can assure you that no unicorns were harmed in the making of these goggles.