You are gonna LOVE this hoop! It just says LOVE all over it, made from Fuchsia Polypro pro and reflective hearts! 

Your Benefits

  • Your Choice of Size
  • Hoop Tubing Measures 5/8" OD or 3/4" OD
  • Hoop Coils Down for Ease of Travel
  • Your Choice of Color of Grippy Gaffer Tape. 
  • Choice of connector; Polycarbonate or Carbon Fiber.
  • 6 Month Warranty.
  • Lifetime FREE Repairs.
  • Ships in 48 Hours or less.

Protect Your Hoop

We HIGHLY recommend getting a layer of Protective Tape added to your hoop - you can do this in the drop down menu above.

Clear Protective Tape does TWO very important things.

  • It protects the color morph tape from scratches and scuffs.
  • It gives the hoop a higher gloss and shine.


  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed = Money Back
  • Super FAST shipping - ALL orders shipped within 48 hours!
  • Questions? Just ask, we will get back to you in 24 hours or less.
  • Loved & Trusted for over 11 years!


Have you heard of "oooo shiny" syndrome? Well, there you go. If you are like most people and attracted to shiny things then you will see why so many people LOVE this hoop so much. These hoops are so freaking bright when a light is directed at them.


When light strikes the tape it is reflected back to the source and the tape appears to light up. It is characterized by a honeycomb pattern which is also referred to as encapsulated lens tape. Within each honeycomb there are concentrations of glass beads. Many more per square centimeter than engineer grade tape. This concentration of glass beads creates a much brighter tape. High Intensity tapes give off around 250 candlepower. Traffic cones and road barrels use this material as well as many brighter street signs.......and HULA HOOPS too!


Yes, but not as good as it looks with a direct light shone on it. A Reflective Taped hoop with Color Morph tape on it however looks AMAZING in the daytime and you get way more hues and sparkles than a hoop taped with only Reflective tape.


The tape itself is 5mm thick which compared to most foil backed tapes is twice as thick. This means that the hoop itself is going to weigh twice as much as your "normal" metallic taped hoop. Please keep this in mind if you are one of those people that is constantly looking for a lighter and lighter weight hoop.


The reflective tape is more durable than your standard tape because it is thicker, BUT it will still get ripped up just like any other tape. Since it is a more expensive hoop tape to work with we HIGHLY suggest getting our add-on layer of crystal clear protective tape. After all, you want hoop to be shiny FOREVER, right?*
* Your hoop will not be shiny forever, just so you know ;)

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