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NOVA LED Hoop | Fire 🔥

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NOVA LED Hoop | Fire 🔥

Our 'Fire' LED Hoop is an intense blend of your standard fire colors; red, yellow and orange.


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Our newest line of LED Hoops features unique colors, 6 modes, custom color palettes, and a lifetime warranty......all without breaking the bank! 


What makes these hoops unique is that you get several modes to pick from instead of having just a single-mode color. Get multiple modes for the same price as most single-mode hoops!


LED Hoop Modes

  • Static - all LED's on
  • Blink - random fading/blinking pattern
  • Pulse - led's pulse and have random "star" flickers throughout the hoop
  • Fade - all led's fade on and off in a nice calm and soothing timing
  • Spinner - effect of all led's spinning around the hoop
  • Chaser - 2 tails of led's chase each other around the hoop


Modes in HDPE Tubing


Modes in Polypro Tubing



Besides the above 6 modes, each hoop comes with 3 bonus modes for when you just need to flow with a rainbow.

  • Confetti - colorful lights, blinking, fading, chasing
  • Rainbow - Solid Rainbow (super bright)
  • Rainbow Chase - 2 rainbow tails chase around the hoop (super bright)


LED Hoop Specifications

  • Available in 3/4" OD Polypro or Milky White HDPE
  • Snap button connector to easily coil your hoop down for travel.
  • Micro-USB charger included
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery integrated into hoop
  • Battery life varies. The average battery life is 3.5 - 4.5 hours depending on hoop size and color.
  • Hoop is counterweighted for optimal rotational flow
  • NO battery gap! Consistent lights all the way around.
  • ZERO rattle design


How to Operate

When the hoop is open, you will notice a thin pull tab with a circle at the end of it. Push the pull tab in to turn it on and pull it out to turn it off. 

This is also how you change the modes. Each time you turn the off/on, the mode will change. 


Shuffle Mode

To get the hoop into shuffle mode, turn the hoop on and then quickly turn it back off again before the boot LED makes its way all the way around the hoop. Do the opposite to get back out of shuffle mode.

  • Shuffle mode is ON when you see a GREEN boot led.
  • Shuffle mode is OFF when you see a BLUE boot led.

To Charge

Plug the micro-USB into the hoop, you will notice a red light turn on. The red light will turn off when your hoop is fully charged. Charging takes 90 minutes.



LED Hoop Warranty

Just like all of our hoops, these ones too are covered by The Spinsterz Advantage warranty!

Here's the fine print......

If your hoop malfunctions due to an issue on our part; programming board fails, hoop stops charging, lights get weird, electronics start smoking and catch on fire 🔥(hahahahah, just kidding, that will NOT happen....Samsung) - We'll cover these things and fix it/replace it for you. 

If the damage done is your fault; you kink it, crack it, flatten it with your car, break the on/off switch, push the charger port in, drown it in water - These things are USER FAULT and are not covered, but most issues are still fixable.


Costs to Fix Various Things Not Covered by Warranty

  • Retubing: $25
  • Resizing: $5 Downsize, $25 Upsize
  • Broken LED Strip: $5-$30
  • Control board: $15
  • Connector: $5
  • On/Off Pull Tab: $5
  • Battery Replacement: $12-$15 / battery 






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