Mosaic Masterpiece Hoop

The Mosaic Masterpiece is for sure a one of a kind polypro hoop where no one on the planet will have one just like yours!  

"It was the last days of 2017.  We had finished the last of the holiday orders and I was about to leave on a much-needed trip to the coast. Suddenly I was the only person in this large warehouse and I took a moment to sit down in front of the empty space.  Next to me was a box of filled with various sizes and colors of tapes, left from the previous year's projects.  Every one of these pieces had a story with them.  The story of a hoop maker's afternoon. The story of a trip across the country. The story of the person who now dances with the hoop decorated with the same roll of tape.  
As I built one more hoop in 2017, and as I covered the tubing with these moments and memories of the past, I took the opportunity to look at my own story of 2017.  All of the memories and moments of the year, some bright and reflecting the sun, and others sharp and startling, worked together to create the person I am as I entered into 2018.  
The mosaic hoop represents the way each of us take each year of moments on this earth to create the next beautiful version of ourselves.  Every challenge, every joy, every hug, and every tear make us the very special spirits that we are. As we enter each new year, each new day, and each new moment, may we take everything we have within us to be the best version of ourselves."

Your Benefits

  • Your choice of size.
  • Your choice of base colored tubing. Natural or Translucent Aqua are our favorites!
  • Choice of 5/8" OD or 3/4" OD
  • Polycarbonate Connectors