Performance Peg Stilt

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Coming soon! Late Fall of 2018!


Each pair of these high-quality Peg Stilts is custom made to fit you properly. You decide how tall you want to be and we will make the shoe plate, calf support, and stilt dimensions to fit you perfectly.


Peg Stilt Features

  • Swiveling rubber foot allows you to spin and dance
  • Custom fit to your size
  • Solid and light oak and poplar construction
  • Beautiful handcrafted design


These Peg Stilts are made with strong oak uppers that are reinforced with aluminum bars, making them extremely strong and durable. We also offer an acrobatic peg stilt that is double reinforced on each side of the upper with aluminum that makes these stilts virtually unbreakable.


The calf cuff is lined with a dense foam for comfort and is able to rotate slightly to match the contour of your body. The calf cuff and shoe plate both feature heavy duty velcro cinch straps to hold you securely in place.


With this style of Peg Stilt, the shoe is bolted directly onto the foot plate to hold you in place. You have two options here: We can pre-drill the foot plate and provide you with the hardware and instructions needed to attach your shoes at home. NOTE - You will need a power drill to do this. Or you can send us your shoes and we will attach them to the stilts for you.


Standard Model Peg Stilt - This is the most common type of stilt, it has one bar of aluminum reinforcement up the side of the stilt. This is very strong and great for most people.


Acrobatic Peg Stilts - This model is great for those who are a heavier weight and is reinforced with a piece of aluminum bar on each side of the upper.


NOTE: Please allow up to 2 weeks for your stilts to be shipped.


Help with measuring


Please give all measurements in inches. (ex; 12.5")


  • Floor to thickest part of calf - This is the distance from the floor to the thickest part of your calf.

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