Premium Color Blend Glitter Hoops

These are one of a kind color blend glitter hoops that will NEVER be replicated again! 


Color blend means that the color in the hoop changes from one color to another from one end of the hoop to another. 


Here is how to read the codes on each hoop photo:

  • The initial letters help us identify the hoop by color when you place the order.

  • The first two numbers refer to the tubing size (34 = ¾ OD Polypro Tubing, 58 = 5/8 OD Polypro Tubing)

  • The last 2 numbers refer to the diameter of the hoop. ie 32 = 32" OD


Hoop Specs

  • Super strong polycarbonate connectors.
  • Made from polypro tubing.
  • Coils down for travel with the push of a button.

    NOTE: Sale items cannot be returned or exchanged and DO NOT fall under The Spinsterz 6 month warranty.