PX4 Sirius Custom Juggling Club


The PX4 Sirius club is just freaking amazing! It is a very tough training club with a few features that really set it apart from some of the other clubs on the market. The 'EVO' molded handle is a comfortable, inexpensive alternative to wrapped handles but is also much stronger. The inner PVC dowel ensures complete uniformity in weight and balance from club to club as well as adding a huge amount of strength. This club has a longer handle and shorter body making it a 'pirouette' style club much favored by numbers jugglers - the longer handle allowing more leverage for double and triple spins as well as being a bigger target to catch.



  • Weight - 215 gr
  • Overall length - 52 cm
  • SIRIUS body diameter - 8 cm
  • SIRIUS body length - 28 cm
  • EVO GRIP length - 24 cm

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