Queen of Your Heart Reflective Polypro Hoop

Treat your queen this Valentine's day and get her something she REALLY wants, yeah, she wants another hoop. Hey man, don't blame me, I'm just the one helping you get some brownie points and give her something she will freaking LOVE! You're welcome. 


What does this hoop do? 

  • This hoop is reflective meaning it has purple diamonds on it that will reflect back beams of purple light. 
  • The hoop comes apart with the push of a button so you can easily travel with it. 
  • It's made from polypro tubing and the tapes are protected with a layer of clear coat protective tape. 


Don't forget about our warranty! 

This hoop is covered by our 6-month "your break it, we replace it" warranty, as well as a LIFETIME of free repairs, should you accidentally break it after 6 months.