Sacred Bee Reflective Polypro Hoop

10% of profits go towards helping Bend, Oregon locals start up backyard beehives!  



The Sacred Bee polypro reflective hoop is every bee lovers dream hoop! This hoop features custom die-cut stickers of bee hives, geometric honey pattern and BEES! The decals are made from a black metallic tape with a rainbow sheen. These decals are all made by us in house. 


Your Benefits

  • Made with high intensity reflective tape.
  • Super strong polycarbonate connectors.
  • Comes standard with clear protective tape.
  • Coils down for travel with the push of a button.
  • 6 Month Warranty.
  • Lifetime Free Repairs.

Your Hoop is Protected

 Your new reflective hoop naturally comes with a layer of clear coat protective tape. This tape does two wonderful things;

  1. It protects the super reflective tape from damages; such as scratches, dings, and nicks. 
  2. It also adds a layer of shine to your hoop and helps to create a more intense reflective appearance.


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