Hoop Travel Bag - Teal Sequins

Gosh I love Teal, it's been a strong color for me in 2019, and I hope you will love it too! This bag is REALLY interesting in person, it looks purple iridescent. It kind of shifts between Teal and Purple depending on the lighting. 

......it's gorgeous!


Small Hoop Bag

These bags fit a 4 section hoop up to 32" in diameter and down to 26" in diameter.


Large Hoop Bag

Recommended for hoops no smaller than 33" in diameter.
These will fit a 4 section hoop up to 39" in diameter. 
These bags are also PERFECT for our Grow With Your Flow hoops.

This bag will NOT fit a fitness hoop. (but a bag for that I


*hoop not included.