Lifetime Happiness Guarantee

Lifetime Happiness Guarantee

No, I'm not saying we are guaranteeing you a happy life 100% of the time, but I AM saying that I will guaranteed a working hoop or flow toy for life that will lead to more health, and happiness in a fun and unique way. 

Our hoops are covered by a Lifetime Warranty as long as you own them. We will cover all catastrophic damage to your hoop including snapped tubing, broken connectors, and crazed festival goers that thought it was a good idea to use your hoop as a jump rope and instead of jumping over the hoop they jumped right ON the hoop and snapped the sucker. 😳


Non Hoop Products

We buy from a LOT of different flow toy vendors and each has their own distinct warranty. Some are 30 days, some are 90 days, others even offer 1 year. 

We've decided to just make this SO EASY FOR YOU and offer a Lifetime Warranty on all products that you have purchased through - You're Welcome 😍



What is NOT Covered

We will not cover minor damage like paint scuffs and small dings where the hoop is still useable, because that's a waste of plastic and a perfectly good hoop. 

We will also not cover hoops that appear to be damaged intentionally or from outrageous negligence (no driving over them with your car or melting them in a fire pit). We cannot cover lost products, but drop us a line and maybe we can make you a deal?


    Replacements & Repairs

    We want to do our part to try and keep plastic out of landfills and ensure that you get to keep using your FAVORITE hoop for as long as possible. With this in mind we have decided to offer Lifetime Repairs on hoops you purchase from Lifetime warranty means that if your hoop can be fixed, we will fix it for free or replace it.

    Not all hoops can be repaired, but we will do our best to fix yours and keep you hooping for life. If for some reason your hoop is un-repairable, we will replace it with the same product.


    Defective Merchandise

    We define defective merchandise as goods that are: damaged, incomplete, or otherwise unusable for their intended purposes upon receipt by the customer. 

    If you notice your order arrived damaged or defective, please take a picture of it along with the shipping container and send to us at

    • suspected defective merchandise should not be used and should be reported to us immediately.
    • if merchandise is unused, The Spinsterz will issue a replacement at no cost to the customer, or refurbish the item, as appropriate, providing the merchandise is shown to be defective.
    • if merchandise is used, The Spinsterz must inspect the merchandise to make a determination of the failure or defectiveness, and will repair or replace the product, as appropriate.


    Shipping Errors

    While shipping errors are rare, they can happen. If you have received an incorrect product (e.g., a product substitution), please contact us immediately. If merchandise is unused, The Spinsterz will send the correct item as soon as possible at no cost to the customer and may arrange for return shipping of the wrongly-shipped product.