Shipping Info & Policies

Build Time, Lead Time, Handling Time

This is the amount of time to expect BEFORE your order will ship. Even if you select Priority Mail shipping, or Express, or 2 Day, or ANYTHING, you have to factor in the handling time before your order ships.


  • Polypro hoops - Current build time is 6-8 business days.
  • Beginner & Dance Hoops - Current build time is 6-8 business days.
  • NOVA LED Hoops - These are built once a week on Thursdays and shipped Friday. We are currently 6 weeks out
  • *Most other NON-HOOP products ship currently ship in 6-8 business days.


Christmas holiday orders must be placed no later than Dec. 15th, 2021. These purchases should arrive by Christmas, Dec. 25th barring any events that block UPS / USPS from functioning properly. Once the product leaves our facility, it is 100% out of our control.


PLEASE do not reach out to us about the status of your order until 10 BUSINESS days have passed. It causes extra slowdowns and will result in your's as well as other orders to go out even slower. 


If your shipment says "pre-shipment" it has shipped, USPS has just not scanned it into their system yet.


Shipping Speed

Once we receive your order you will be sent an email confirming that we have received it and that we have started to process it. Once the order ships, you will receive another email containing a tracking number that you can use to see your packages journey all the way to your delivery address.  


Delivery Times for Domestic U.S. Orders

On Friday April 17th, USPS announced that due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on transportation availability, some services will experience delays beginning April 17, 2020. Below is what you need to know.

  • USPS Priority Mail Express: This service will not experience any delays at this time.
  • USPS Priority Mail: Local 1-day delivery will not experience delays. However, the 2-3 day delivery window will be extended to 3-4 days.
  • USPS First-Class Package Service: 2-3 day delivery windows will be extended to 3-4 day delivery windows. 


Old Delivery Times, pre-COVID-19

USPS Priority Mail - 2-3 Business Days

USPS Express - 1-2 Business Days


Delivery Times for International Orders

USPS Priority International - 6-10+ Business Days

USPS Express International - 3-5 Business Days

Shipping prices will vary by country and we cannot control the cost of shipping to your location. Please be aware of your countries customs, duties and import tax laws, The Spinsterz cannot be held responsible for you having to pay an import tax. We declare the actual value of the item on our customs forms and ship as merchandise or goods, we are not able to ship as a "gift". We do apologize for this and understand that import taxes can sometimes be expensive. 

Sometimes packages can get held up in customs for long periods of time, this is rare, but it does happen. Please check tracking info and check in on your package if it seems to go "missing" for a time. 


Important USPS Information

Tracking numbers are not really tracking numbers at all from USPS. The "tracking" Is actually a delivery confirmation # that is supposed to be scanned upon delivery of the package to YOU. USPS is not obligated to scan any packages during delivery although they do sometimes scan it during delivery, but not always.

So if you click the link provided from The Spinsterz to track your package and get a message with a status of  "Pre-Shipment", this means that a label has been created for your package and that it will be picked up by USPS within 24 hours Monday - Friday) of that label being created. If after 24 hours your tracking number still give you the same screen, this just means that USPS has not scanned in your package......the first few sentences of this paragraph explains that. 


Guarantees and Liability

We cannot guarantee or be held responsible for in-transit delivery times or service guidelines established by any carrier. Furthermore, we are not liable for shipments delayed by any carrier, stolen mail, clerical or typographical errors made by customers during the order entry process, damaged by inclement weather, customs impounds or any other in-transit delivery problem once a shipment has left our distribution facilities and is in the possession of a designated common carrier. It is YOUR responsibility to contact the postal provider to open a claim for missing, damaged, or stolen packages. We are responsible for carefully packaging, labeling, and shipping your product. Once it leaves our facility it is 100% out of our hands. In our experience, claims usually result in favorable outcomes. We encourage the customer to investigate insurance or other shipping options with us up-front to minimize such problems.

In the event that an order is sent back due to a customer error such as not being there to collect it or providing the wrong address, you will need to pay for shipping it back to you again. This amount is the standard calculated cost for the package.