exercise hula hoop

Exercise Hoop Information

  • Hoops are made from Polyethylene tubing (black stuff typical to hardware stores)
  • Tubing is 160 PSI
  • All hoops detach and coil down to a smaller size for travel
  • Hoops are wrapped with decorative metallic tape and grippy gaffer tape


Our Exercise hoops are our most popular fitness style, made from 160 psi polyethylene tubing.  While still maintaining a comfortable tubing width similar to the Dance Fitness line, the tubing itself is denser, adding more weight and creating a more rigid hoop structure (average weight 1.3 lb).

This is our cardio hoop. The slightly heavier weight helps keep the hoop moving, even against baggier clothing or windy environments. A larger diameter (38-44”) allows slower and more therapeutic body movements and the average-sized tubing width keeps it comfortable on the body. The continuous wrap of grip tape helps our body command the hoop's movements regardless of how slippery our clothing may be.  These factors combined make extended periods of on-body hooping and fitness routines easier on our body and more accessible to all levels of experience! Laugh and play your way to your target heart rate!


The Exercise Style fitness hoop is great for:

  • Adults looking for a fun cardio training tool

  • Beginners who are interested in on body hooping and/or weight loss

  • Individuals who want a gentle, low impact work out

  • Fitness Instructors and Facilities looking for a “universal” fit hoop (see class packs for gyms)