Working with the Buugeng brings about feelings of balance, control, form and calm, whilst activating the warrior and spirit mind energy. It develops Chi, muscle tone, confidence and focus.   Buugeng shows leave the audience amazed and wowed. Make the Buugeng a part of your WOW factor. ~ Dai Zaobab



 buugeng history


What are Buugeng?

The best way to think about what a buugeng is or what buugeng are is to think of a traditional staff and then take that shape and bend it into an S-shaped form. Essentially, this is what a buugeng staff is. 


Buugeng History

Since there is not buugeng wiki, I will do my best to accurately lay out the origins and history of buugeng.


The history of buugeng is probably not 100% accurate, but as far as we know the first publicized use of buugeng was on a PBS special called "Moschen in Motion” that was produced in 1991 with Michael Moschen. Moschen is a pioneer in object manipulation and is particularly known for contact juggling. In the film Labyrinth the crystal ball manipulations seen to be performed by David Bowie's character were actually done by Moschen, who stood behind Bowie during filming.


The shape of buugeng is thought to have come from Deer Horn Knives also know as crescent moon knives or duck blades, specialized Chinese bladed weapons consisting of two steel crescents crossing.


buugeng origin


The Buugeng Origin

Dai Zaobab (not his real name) is thought to have been one of the first people to call this s-shaped prop buugeng. The name derives from buu(Martial Arts)-geng(Illusion) in Japanese.


Dai began to craft these shapes by hand and sell them to his friends, just like that buugeng was born and started to filter over into the flow arts and object manipulation world. 


Dai on his inspiration from Michael Moschen,

"I want to say first that I have a lot of respect for Micheal Moschen, and actually my inspiration for Buugeng orignally came from him. I first saw “Moschen in Motion” in Africa in 2001. When I saw his video, I was inspired by the optical illusion he created."


This quote is taken from the Ministry of Manipulation, blog article titled “Dai @ Flow Temple (&Moschen)” posted January 11th, 2010 (Read the original article


Buugeng LED

Now that we have taken a trip into the past, let's shotgun forward about 17 years and show the world of LED light up buugeng!



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Buugeng Tutorial

Want to learn how to "spin" buugeng? Check out this video below and go follow us on Instagram, we have been releasing a new "how to spin buugeng" tutorial about every few weeks.