How To Find the Best Hula Hoop Size

How do I choose a hula hoop size?

You will accomplish three things on this page:

  1. You will know without a shadow of a doubt the correct size hoop to get if you a brand new beginner hooper. 
  2. You will be prepared to go shopping and bring home a new hoop to learn and practice with.
  3. You will get the help and answers you need to all life's biggest questions....ok, perhaps I've gone to far!


The Spinsterz Guide to Choosing Your Hula Hoop Size


If you are like me, then you are a skimmer! 

.......what's a skimmer? Someone that reads fast, usually only looks at the bold text and wants to get onto the next thing as quickly as possible. 


If you only have 30 seconds, read the below synopsis of how to choose a hoop size. Should you have more time, please keep reading 👍


Tell Me About Hula Hoop Sizing.....NOW! 

  • The hoop when standing vertically on the ground should reach to about 3″ above your belly button.
  • The larger and heavier the hoop, the easier it will be to learn with.*
  • Most adults start with a hoop between 38″ – 42″ diameter.
  • The diameter of the hoop is the distance from one edge of the hoop straight across to the other edge.
  • Most beginner hula hoops are made from Polyethylene plastic, similar to what you might find at a hardware store.

* This is only true to a certain point, we suggest NOT getting one of those 3.5 pounds or heavier hoops as they are actually bad for your spine and can do harm to you. Sticking with a hoop no bigger than 42″ is recommended. 


I hear you exclaiming, "I know what I need to know, now show me the hoops!"

Go get our Ultimate Beginner Hoop and you will be off to the races!


Ready to take a deeper dive into the world of hula hoop sizing?

Me Too!


We answer your lovely emails, messages, phone calls, and texts all day long and you can bet your sweet goat that we hear a LOT of interesting things. 

I'd like to share with you some of the most common questions we get about hula hoop and hula hoop sizing.


Common Questions We Hear

  • What size hoop should I get?
  • What's the best weight for exercise hooping?
  • How do I know what tubing to get?
  • Can you tell me about the different Hoop Sizes?


These questions and more we get on a daily basis from people just like yourself looking for help in picking out the optimal size hoop.

The problem with this is that there really is no magic formula as it all depends on what your height, weight, size, and what your hoop goals are. 



The good thing is that if you are just beginning, all you need is one hoop, a bigger hoop, and that will be perfectly fine.


We'd like to help alleviate some of the frustration with hoop selection, so we created this handy guide that should help you in your hooping adventure. 


Size of Hula Hoop

The Spinsterz Hula Hoop Size


UPDATE May 30th, 2019

Since we made the above size chart, we have changed how we list our hoops. Please refer to information below.

  • SMALL = 36"
  • REGULAR = 38"
  • LARGE = 40"  
  • X-LARGE = 42"



I'm a beginning hooper, how do I figure out what size to get?

The most general rule of thumb is to measure from the ground to your belly button and add 2-3 inches to that number. 


I'm still a beginner, but I've got a few moves down and want to progress, what size should I get?

A very simple measurement if you fall into this category would be to take your height in inches and divide by two. I like this method, and still feel that adding 1-2 inches to that number would serve you well.


I'm looking for a beginner exercise/fitness hoop, what would you recommend?

  • If you are under 5' and have a petite body size, get a 36" Small
  • If you are under 5’4 then grab yourself a 38” Regular
  • If you are under 5’10 then check out the 40” Large
  • If you are over 5’10 and have, grab a 42” X-Large



Now that you've got your size figured out, let's talk a little bit about the different weighted hula hoop options that you have. 


If you are tired of reading, want to get on with your day and have a beginner hoop arrive at your door in a few days, then click the image below and choose your color. BOOM DONE!


The Spinsterz Beginner Hula Hoop 


You are still reading! I see you want to know even more about choosing the right weighted hula hoop. 


On with the show!


Most weighted hoops are made from polyethylene tubing and range in size from 3/4" to 1" in outside diameter. Another way to think of it is how thick the hoop is, the thicker the hoop, the heavier it will be. 


We have three types of weighted hoops for you to pick from; 1.1LB, 1.4LB, and 1.7LB


Dance Hula Hoop

Choose a Dance Hula Hoop if you:

  • Are a beginner hooper with smaller body type or previous hooping experience.
  • A hooper looking to transition between a fitness hoop and a lighter polypro
  • An off-body/trick hooper looking to add more core work to your flow

This hoop is best for someone that is either already familiar with waist hooping or that falls into the category of a small-medium waist, 5'5" or smaller and under 120 pounds. We really like our Glitter Hoops in a Dance Hoop weight.


Exercise Hula Hoop

Choose an Exercise Hoop if you:

  • This is your first hula hoop.
  • Are a beginner looking to get the hang of on-body hooping
  • Are looking for a fun way to add cardio to your workouts
  • Want a gentle, low-impact workout

This hoop is a little heavier and will, in general, be easier to hoop with if you are an absolute beginner. This hoop is best for someone that is looking for a good workout and looking to lose weight. It bridges the gap between the lighter 1 LB and heavier 1.7LB hoops. This is best for someone with an average build, 5'4" or taller and under 220 pounds. Check out our entire selection of these weighted hoops



If you have any questions at all, please shoot us an email or leave a comment below, we'd LOVE to help you out 😀