Polypro Hoops

This is our collection of Taped Polypro Hoops for sale. What's a taped polypro hoop you ask? Well, for starters if you don't already know what Polypro is or what it is good for, I suggest you first read our Polypro FAQ , this will tell you all about polypro hoops in general. 



Supershine Polypro Hula Hoops

Supershine is our collection of hoops that are wrapped in a HIGH gloss mirror tape, making them super shiny! Mirror mirror on the wall, who's got the shiniest hoops of them all?! Yeah, these hoops are so shiny you can see your reflection in them, for real. You'll never need your iPhone again to check your hair, just use your hoop baby!


Color Morph

Color Morph Polypros 

Color Morph hoops are kind of what they sound like, the "morph" or change from one color to another based on the type and angle of the light you are using them under. They are not hyperactive like those colors that change under heat and cold, I want to make sure that is clear, but dang do these hoops look amazing in the sunlight, blacklight, laser lights, inside and where ever you find yourself with your hoop. Full disclosure, they may not look good in caves with NO light at all, I haven't tested them there yet, so please let me know if you, do. 

These hoops are wrapped with a specific type of translucent tape that allows light to pass through its wonderful hues of color, thus making whatever hoop it is wrapped on the shine in all sorts of different magical colors. These hoops are challenging to photograph as they look different in each sort of lighting condition. 

If you end up getting a Color Morph hoop, or any of our taped hoops for that matter, I would HIGHLY suggest getting them wrapped in a layer of Clear Coat Protective Tape, more on this below by clicking that link.