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One of a Kind Mosaic Masterpiece Hoop

90 Day Risk Free Trial

✅ High Quality Tape Made in USA

✅ Professional Quality Polypro Hoop

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Indulge your inner performer, access your flow state, connect with yourself, feel joyfully present.

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This one of a kind polypro hoop is just freaking banging, off the hook, yolo kinda hoop.

.....alarm bells should ring when your peeps so you playing with this magical circle of wonder and amazement. 

The staggering beauty of this hoop will make you Insta Famous!

We will choose 4 colors of tubing and then create you a 1 of a kind visual orgasm of a polypro hoop. Yeah, you're gonna pee your pants when you see it! 👀


The Story or our Mosaic Masterpiece

"It was the last days of 2017.  We had finished the last of the holiday orders and I was about to leave on a much-needed trip to the coast. Suddenly I was the only person in this large warehouse and I took a moment to sit down in front of the empty space.  Next to me was a box of filled with various sizes and colors of tapes, left from the previous year's projects.  Every one of these pieces had a story with them.  The story of a hoop maker's afternoon. The story of a trip across the country. The story of the person who now dances with the hoop decorated with the same roll of tape.  
As I built one more hoop in 2017, and as I covered the tubing with these moments and memories of the past, I took the opportunity to look at my own story of 2017.  All of the memories and moments of the year, some bright and reflecting the sun, and others sharp and startling, worked together to create the person I am as I entered into 2018.  
The mosaic hoop represents the way each of us take each year of moments on this earth to create the next beautiful version of ourselves.  Every challenge, every joy, every hug, and every tear make us the very special spirits that we are. As we enter each new year, each new day, and each new moment, may we take everything we have within us to be the best version of ourselves."

Mosaic Masterpiece Specs

  • Your choice of size.
  • Your choice of base colored tubing. Natural or Translucent Aqua are our favorites!
  • Choice of 5/8" OD or 3/4" OD
  • Polycarbonate Connectors
  • Comes with a layer of Protective Clear Coat


What is Protective Clear Coat?

Clear coat is a crystal clear tape that is ever so slightly tacky and will create a good skin to hoop grip.

1. It protects the color morph tape from scratches and scuffs.
2. It gives the hoop a higher gloss and shine.


Is this hoop really $119? 

Oh yes. These hoops are works of art, no 2 will ever be created the same. Each hoop takes us well over an hour to make and the hoop building artist get's to take their time to design you a truly unique hoop that is an expression of their creativity. 



We ship FAST. Monday - Thursday. Our cutoff time for same day shipping is 9am PST. Read more here.Your order will ship out via the method you select at checkout.We promised to make sure each item is packaged with care - we also re-use packing paper in efforts to cut down on waste. Please make sure to read more on our shipping policy here as we will not be help responsible for mail carrier negligence in any form, but will aid in submitting claims if necessary. If you need your item shipped same day, please add the "priority processing" add on to your order.

Return Policy

Happiness Guarantee

  • The Spinsterz will guarantee the craftsmanship of the hoop for 90 days from the purchase date, which means that if it breaks for any reason, we will repair or replace the hoop.  Taped hoops are expected to wear over time and cannot be returned for wear due to average/expected use. We HIGHLY recommend adding clear protective tape to any taped polypro hoops.
  • The Spinsterz wants you to love your hoop! Once your package arrives, we ask that you inspect your hoop to make sure it is exactly what you ordered.

Here is a ton more info on returns and exchanges!

Happiness Guarantee

All hoops are hand crafted and made to order for you, with the highest level of detail and dedication by our Hoop Elf Team, Christina, Brittany, and Jason. Therefore, we encourage you to carefully choose your size, diameter and color. It is a custom made product for you. Please make sure to read the entire description before making your selection. Questions? Reach out via out chat bubble!


What is the size and weight of this hoop?

You can select your preferred size (diameter) of hoop.

Average Weight of 3/4" Polypro Hoops

36″ OD – 8.2oz
33″ OD – 7.2oz
30″ OD – 6.4oz

5/8" thickness will be even lighter.

Is this a Good Size and Weight for Me?


When it comes to choosing a polypro size, this is going to be very subjective based on what your goals are, who you've been hanging out with and what they've been telling you.

Here's some guidlines:

3/4" is easier to learn with than 5/8"
Bigger is easier. A 34" is pretty common size for beginners.

Our most popular size is 28"

If you are unsure, I HIGHLY recommend the Grow With Your Flow Hoop

This hoop changes into 7 or 8 different sizes depending on if you get the 3/4" or 5/8" version.


Average Weight of 3/4" Polypro Hoops

36″ OD – 8.2oz
33″ OD – 7.2oz
30″ OD – 6.4oz

5/8" thickness will be even lighter.

What About Grip? What is 3M?

3M is a brand name company that makes a special sort of tape that makes hooping magic! The tape itself has a very soft rubbery texture to it that works wonders in keeping the hoop on your body and not easily falling down. 

Some hoops, especially bare polypro can be very slippery on certain types of clothing. What this tape does is help grip your body and clothes which help keep the hoop from slipping down. 

The tape itself is applied to the inner ring of your hoop (the part that touches your body on the inside of the hoop). It is applied as a long thin strip along the length of the hoop.

If you are wanting to do isolation, ghosting sort of play, I would not recommend getting grip.

The grip is NOT removeable, it leaves a sticky residue. You can however use GooGone and it will remove the stickyness if you choose to remove the grip.

Do You Measure Outside Diameter or Inside?

Our polypro hoops are measured from the outside diameter of the hoop.

Here is a graphic example....

Can I Travel With This Hoop?


The hoop unclips and you can coil it down into a smaller version of itself. Be careful when coiling it down!

You don't want to kink or break your hoop baby!

Can I Add Fire Wicks to This?

You certianly can!

We recommend using 3/4" tubing for fire hoops as it is a lot more sturdy with the added weight of the Fire Hoop Wicks.

I LOVE my travel hoop!!!!

"O m g. Let me start by saying I was hesitant to get a sectional. I thought it may be wonky or the multiple notches/closures would bother me.. that is NOT the case with my Spinsterz sectional.

This hoops is AMAZING! I’m in love! It’s so nicely made and is literally a perfect circle when put together. Light & balanced.

I would 10/10 recommend this travel hoop to everyone looking. I got the witches potion tape and it is GORGEOUS, even at night! Thank you (:"

~Kendra K.

Perfect Perfect Perfect

"This is a fantastic hoop, the color is really fun and the lightweight material makes practicing tricks or just hooping around really fun and easy. GREAT for hoop flows, great work out as always, and my friend is just loving her gift.

We love Spinterz hoops - they never disappoint!!

Oh and I recommend the clear tape wrapping around this hoop, it's a great way to protect the beautiful tape underneath. Worth the extra few bucks!!"

~ Angela C.

"This is my third hoop from Spinsterz. I couldn’t speak more highly of them. The hoops are an incredible quality. Love the colors, and they shower fun into my life. I’m so grateful to their team creating these!" 

Morgan A.

"I strictly use Spinsterz and fall in love every time I get another hoop from them! There must’ve been some magic involved because my mystery hoop color was my dream color hoop I’ve wanted for a while now!!"

Sierra M.

"I’ve been wanting to buy a polypro hoop for years and finally treated myself and my sisters for our birthdays :) we LOVE them! They’re lightweight, bouncy & really well-made. "

Seaera M.

"The Spinsterz team could not have been more helpful and understanding when I changed my mind about an order several times. Everything from the ordering process to the fast delivery was pleasant."

Laura W.

Why Choose The Spinsterz?

Highest Quality Possible

You don't know you have a poorly made polypo hoop until you've tried one of ours.

❤️ We've been making hoops for 18 years, and we've perfected our craft.

❤️ We precision make our hoops to the highest standards.

❤️ No Gap Design - If you've ever been pinched or had your hair pulled out by your hoop, you know how much it sucks. The Spinsterz hoops are seamless with No Gap!

Experience Matters

We've been making hoops for 18 years (longer than any other company on the planet, besides Whamo, and we have a great track record of providing strong, beautiful, and durable hoops. The Spinsterz Polypro hoops are perfect for on and off body flow, tricks and quickly discovering your joy through tapping into your meditative flow state.

No Stress Investment

Zero stress knowing you will get your hoop in a matter of days. We ship in 48 hours or less 5 days a week. We'll replace your hoop for free if it ever breaks. Your hoop is covered under our LIFETIME repair or replacement commitment.

Your hoop will be perfect, we've made over 300,000 of them. If you are unhappy for any reason, you can return your hoop for your money back.


Other Hoop Makers

  • Lifetime Hoop Warranty

    Your hoop breaks, you're screwed.

  • Ships in 1 Day or Less

    Can take more than a week

  • 90 Day No-Fuss Return Policy

    If you don't like your hoop, too bad.

  • Free Repairs and Replacements

    High fees charged or not even available.

  • 18 Years of Experience & Dedication

    New to business

  • Impeccable Customer Service ❤️


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