Gypsy Pro Color Morphing Travel Hoop


The Gypsy Pro Color Morphing Travel Hoops are THE hoop for the traveling, backpacking individual looking for a high quality Polypro Hoop with color morphing tape. It slips easily into any pack, and will fit into the overhead compartment of any craft!


Your Benefits

  • Your Choice of Size
  • Your Choice of Grippy Gaffer Tape Color
  • Choice of 5/8" OD or 3/4" OD
  • Hoop Breaks Down Into 4 Identical Pieces
  • Super Light & Strong Polycarbonate Connectors With Aluminum Push Buttons

One of the totally AWESOME things about our line of Gypsy Travel Hoops is that each section is precision manufactured so that any section will fit with another of the same tubing size. This means you can get twin hoops and then make them into smaller Mini Hoops! Instead of connecting 4 sections together, you can connect 3 for instant minis. You can also mix and match colors and connect any Gypsy hoop section together.

This hoop does not give up any of its functionality by being a "travel hoop"; instead, each section of the hoop is made from super impact-resistant polycarbonate connectors that fit snugly and give your hoop a nice strong and springy action.


Help With Ordering

1. Select your preferred size (diameter) of hoop using the menus above. We measure from outside edge of the hoop.
2. Select the color of grippy gaffer tape, or select none at all for a super CLEAN looking hoop. If you select a color we will put a 1" wide strip of gaffer around the inside surface of your hoop.
3. Select what size you want 5/8" OD or 3/4" OD 


Shipping & Delivery