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The Spinsterz Beginner Hula Hoop Size Chart

We have tested and sold hundreds of thousands of adult hula hoops over the 14 years that The Spinsterz has been in business. After 14 years we can say with utmost confidence that this hoop right here is hands down the BEST hoop for adults that want to learn to hula hoop.

This is the optimal hoop for you if:

  • You are between the ages of 18 - 88
  • You have never hooped before and want to learn
  • You have tried hooping before and failed
  • A desire to know the joys of hooping in just 5 minutes
  • Can already hoop and want something to exercise with
  • Want something that your whole family can use
  • Want the guesswork taken out of trying to decide on a size
  • You are ready to change your life and connect with your body
  • Have a desire to feel like a kid again and play


beginner hula hoop


collapsible hula hoop

Built Strong and Durable

Our adult beginner hula hoops are made from a heavy-duty polyethylene pipe that is the optimal combination of weight, size and durability for beginning hula hoopers.

We have tested several thousand hula hoops over 13 years and feel confident that THIS hoop is the one you have always been waiting for.

Comes Apart for Travel

With just a press of the button, your hoop is ready to go wherever you go. These hoops are made to be portable.

The Spinsterz beginner hoops LOVE to travel! The hoops easily come apart with the press of a button so that you can coil it down into a smaller size and fit it into your backpack or suit case.



Add or Fitness Hoop DVD and you will learn how to waist hoop properly as well as some beginner hooping fitness routines.

How to Hula Hoop Video DVD

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First Ever Hoop!

This is a gorgeous hoop! I ordered the pink one and it is just as stunning in real life as it is in the picture. It came quickly and I felt supported through the whole process. Best of all, the invoice had an attached sheet explaining how to set up the hoop and had a link to additional information and videos on how to go about setting up your hoop. It is perfect for those of us who are a bit more visual at times. The hardest part will be waiting the recommended 10-24 hours to use the hoop!


Great exercise!

I was surprised at how quickly hooping got my heart rate up.

Miranda Paul

Such an amazing hoop for beginners! Can’t wait to purchase another!

Elizabeth Phillips

I learned how to hula hoop in like 3 days. The only bad thing that I have seen is that the tape comes off with just one drop, which is kind of disappointing. I feel like if you're gonna charge 40 bucks at least throw in some pitty grip tape or offer it for a discounted price.

Stephanie A.

i love this hoop - as a beginner, it helped me access some fundamental hooping skills (like waist hooping!). it's perfectly heavy and its beautiful. now i have other polypro hoops and each time i'm learning something new but need a slower hoop with a better feel for the physics of the movement, i pick this one back up. thanks, brandon et al!