Adult Dance Hula Hoop

Dance Hoop Information

  • Hoops are made from Polyethylene tubing (black stuff typical to hardware stores)
  • Tubing is 100 PSI
  • All hoops detach and coil down to a smaller size for travel
  • Hoops are wrapped with decorative metallic tape and grippy gaffer tape


The lightest hoops in our fitness line (about 1 lb) are made from 100 psi polyethylene tubing. Our dance fitness hoops are great for the smaller sized beginner or an experienced hooper transitioning to another size.

The dance style is the Goldilocks choice of hoops: Not very heavy, not very light. It sits in a weight range that makes both dance and fitness programs accessible with the same hoop. A continuous wrap of grip tape helps with control, and the larger diameter options allow the practitioner to use slower body movements than the smaller polypro dance style hoops.


This Style is Great for:

  • Beginner Hoopers with smaller body types or previous dance experience

  • The experienced hooper wanting to transition between a heavier fitness hoop and a polypro

  • An off body and trick style hooper wanting to add more core work into their physical practice.

  • Beginners with physical conditions such as osteoporosis or other conditions that lead to weakened bones or easy bruising

  • A fitness hooper who has become pregnant and needs a lighter option for waist hooping