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Rooster's Crow - Super Gaffer Grip

90 Day Risk Free Trial

✅ An Easy Hoop to Learn With

✅ Weighs 1.3 - 1.5 Pounds

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This Hoop is the perfect way to exercise and relieve stress. Whether you're looking to achieve a six-pack, trim your waist line, or just have fun, this hoop will do the trick.

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Super grippy and not at all slippy! These hoops are taped end-to-end with grippy gaffer tape designed to keep your hoop on your body no matter how many layers you're wearing!

Exercise Hoop Specifications

  • Material: 3/4" Polyethylene Tubing
  • Handmade in the USA by us!
  • Weight: 1.3 - 1.5 pounds
  • Size: 38" or 42" diameter
  • Coils down for travel with the push of a button.


Shipping Info

We know your time is precious, it’s more valuable than 💵 these days, which is why your hoop is going to ship TODAY or tomorrow! Read more on shipping info here.



When you get a hoop from The Spinsterz, you are actually giving yourself money in the bank as we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on our hoops. If it breaks, we will fix it or send you a replacement. You do the math, you’ll LOVE it. 💖


Customer Service

We’re with you every step of the way and we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less should you have ANY questions at all, seriously. Like, “I can’t seem to figure out this one hoop move, can you help me? ABSOLUTELY! We’d LOVE to in fact.


    💨 We ship FAST. Monday - Thursday.

    Your order will ship out via the method you select at checkout. We promised to make sure each item is packaged with care - we also re-use packing paper in efforts to cut down on waste. Please make sure to read more on our shipping policy as we will not be help responsible for mail carrier negligence in any form, but will aid in submitting claims if necessary. If you need your item shipped the next day, please add the "priority processing" add on to your order.

    Your order will ship out via the method you select at checkout.

    Return Policy

    The Spinsterz wants you to love your hoop! Once your package arrives, we ask that you inspect your hoop to make sure it is exactly what you ordered.

    All hoops are hand crafted and made to order for you, with the highest level of detail and dedication by our Hoop Elf Team, Christina, Brittany, and Jason, therefore, we encourage you to carefully choose your size, diameter and color. It is a custom made product for you.

    We guarantee our hoops to land in your hands exactly the way we would want them delivered to us. Please follow the CARE instructions regarding hoops (included in package), or email us at with any questions. If you are completely unsatisfied with your hoop, we will accept it for an exchange. We are unable to cover shipping costs associated with an exchange due to personal preference.

    The Spinsterz will guarantee the craftsmanship of the hoop for 90 days from the purchase date, which means that if it breaks for any reason, we will repair or replace the hoop.

    Taped hoops are expected to wear over time and cannot be returned for wear due to average/expected use. Dirt cheap or sale hoops are NOT eligible.

    Who is This Hoop For?

    If you're searching for an enjoyable and healthy activity for individuals of all ages, this hoop is the ideal option.

    This hula hoop has been widely used as a fitness tool. You'll rapidly see an improvement in your fitness level using it just a few minutes a day.

    Our selection of Beginner Ftiness Hoops are perfect for pretty much all body types. This is the hoop for you if you are looking for a fun and easy wy to have fun, get exercise, and boost your mood.

    Your Hoop Size Simplified

    The simple truth is that this question is VERY EASY to answer, and most of the internet over complicates it. Trust us, we've been making and selling hoops for 18 years! 

    A larger hoop is easier to learn with, Period. To make this easy we sell only TWO sizes of Beginner Exercise Hoops; 

    ⭐️ 42" Diameter - Great if you are upwards of 180 pounds

    ⭐️ 38" Diameter- This will work for just about too!

    Health Benefits of Hooping

    Fit in with the crowd with the latest trend in exercise, body hooping! New studies have found that hooping is not only a fun pastime, but it can also alleviate stress, boost your mood, and be used for meditation.

    ✅ Hooping makes exercise fun.

    ✅ Hooping can help you lose weight.

    ✅ Using a hoop is a heart-healthy activity.

    ✅ Get results in as little as 8 minutes a day.

    ✅ Great for toning and sculpting your abs.

    Hooping for Meditation , and Clarity

    Hula Hooping is a great way to achieve a flow state, meditate and enjoy some moments of calm!

    Flow states are considered to be the optimal state for creativity and increased productivity. That’s because when you enter a flow state, your brain is operating at its most optimal capacity.

    Practice mindfulness with hula hooping by focusing on the hoop as it spins around you. Clear your mind of any thoughts and focus solely on the physical sensations that arise as you spin. This can be very relaxing! And it is also a great way to relieve stress or anxiety because it allows you to clear your head from all worries.


    What is the size and weight of this hoop?

    You can select your preferred size (diameter) of hoop.

    We have two sizes to make it easy for your to get exactly the size you need. 42" Large and 38" Regular.

    The 38" hoop weighs approximately 1.3 pounds. (The tape choice will vary the weight by a few grams)

    The 43" hoop weighs 1.5 pounds.

    Is this a Good Size and Weight for Me?


    Yes! The 38" hoop is a great choice for just about every hooper. Whether you are just starting out or have been hooping for 20 years (like me, my go to hoop is a 38" one!)

    If you are more full-bodied or weigh over 180+ pounds, I would suggest the 42" hoop.


    Weight is WAY less important than you think. Everyone has been encouraged to believe that heavier is better, this is simply NOT true.

    A heavier hoop IS easier to use as it carries its own weight and helps keep the hoop spinning.

    This means that you get LESS of a workout when using a heavier hoop, because the hoop is doing most of the work for you.

    Think of an electric bike, the motor helps keep the bike going and you end up pedaling less and getting less exercise. A heavy hoop IS the hoops motor.

    If you do want a heavier hoop, check out the BodyHoop Joy or PowerHoop Deluxe.

    Will this Hoop Work for Me?

    Yes! Get the 38" size if you are just beginning or looking for an exercise hoop.

    Get the 42" if you are on the more full-bodied side.

    What is the Size of the Tubing?

    The tubing is made from black Polyethylene and measures 3/4" in thickness.

    Is it 160 PSI

    This is the standard for out Beginner and Exercise hoops.

    100 PSI is best for a Dance Hoop that you want to learn tricks with.

    You can find those hoops here.

    Can I Add Weight to It? Water, Beans, Rice?


    Except for the water.

    Just open the hoop up and poor in whatever desired material you want into it. Popcorn, rice, beans, all work very well.

    It makes a cool sound too!

    What's the Difference in all Your Hoops?

    The Ultimate Beginner Hoop is named this as it comes in only 38" diameter and it just makes choosing a hoop more simple.

    All the hoops you are seeing in the Beginner / Exercise Collection are all the EXACT same build, weight, sizes.

    The only difference is the name and the tape style.

    Is This Hoop Weighted?

    The MILLION dollar question! Yes, and no. It depends on your definition.

    Amongst all us hoopers, the term weighted hoop just means any hoop that is NOT a dollar store Whamo made hula hoop.

    This hoop is a LOT more weighted than a kids toy store hoop.

    This hoop however does not have extra weight added to it.

    If you are looking for a hoop that is heavier that this, please check out our BodyHoop Joy or PowerHoop Deluxe.

    Lifetime Happiness Guarantee

    Try your hoop out for 90 days, if it is not bringing you joy even after working with us to help you acheive your desired outcome, no problem! We'll pay to have it shipped back 💖

    Our hoops are covered by a Lifetime Warranty as long as you own them. We will cover all catastrophic damage to your hoop including snapped tubing, broken connectors, and crazed festival goers that thought it was a good idea to use your hoop as a jump rope and instead of jumping over the hoop they jumped right ON the hoop and snapped the sucker. 😳

    What our Customers are Saying

    Slimmed Down Belly

    Hula hooping has been an incredible game changer for me. I have never felt so free and happy in my life! I can't believe that something as simple as a piece of well made plastic can make me feel this way. Hula hooping is the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I recommend it to everyone who wants to be more creative!"

    Hula Hooping si Fun

    Hula hooping has been an incredible game changer for me. I have never felt so free and happy in my life! I can't believe that something as simple as a piece of well made plastic can make me feel this way. Hula hooping is the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I recommend it to everyone who wants to be more creative!"

    "A fun, whimsical way to take a break from adulting"


    "Helps me regroup, recenter myself, and remember to feel joy.”


    “So much fun I don’t even realize I’m working out.”


    “My favorite anti-depressant. Instantly gets me into a happy, present, flow state."



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