The Spinsterz 2019 Summer Beach Day Packing List

The Spinsterz 2019 Summer Beach Day Packing List

Here at The Spinsterz, we love a good beach day. Even in the high desert, we have our favorite water sports on the rivers and lakes. From surfing the rapids, floating the river, or hooping on our stand up paddleboards, we make the most of our summers in Central Oregon. 

We also enjoy our short road trips to the Oregon Coast and any opportunities for bigger sailing or scuba diving adventures around the world. We’re just a bunch of merfolk playing human in the high desert here.

Merfolk in the desert

So we’d like to think that we have gotten pretty good at packing for the beach, boat, and underwater adventures.  At least when it comes to what hoops to bring.

When going to the beach, we find that bare polypro is the best. Hoop tape can be easily damaged from the abrasiveness of sand or the combination of water and sun.  If wanting grip added to your hoop, we recommend sanded grip or hoop wax instead of grip tape.

And with all the other things we need to carry, the 4 section travel hoops are our favorite to put in a shoulder bag or a backpack.

This summer we have picked out 5 of our favorite summer color combinations and are giddy with excitement to share them with you through our Summer 2019 Beach Day Packing List:

Beach Umbrella

Sun Protection is top priority for you and your hoops.  It is important to take some breaks from the sun, sit in the shade, and drink some water. 

Your hoops will also be happiest to hang out in the shade when they aren’t being used. Polypro is a temperature sensitive material.  The hoop can soften when left in the direct sunlight or when left in a hot car, and this makes the hoop vulnerable to becoming warped. 

A portable sunshade, the beach umbrella is an iconic symbol of a beach day. A prop that can be carried with you or secured in the sand, your choice of colors can also reflect your personality and help mark your camp on a crowded beach.

Our four-section polypro travel hoop featuring UV Orange, UV Yellow, Cloudless Sky, and Purps is another way to mark your style and chill beach vibes. Order your Beach Umbrella here!


Flip Flops

Loving these easy on and easy off flip flops

Having the right shoes for the job can make or break your day.  If you are headed out on a boat, the appropriate boating shoes can protect your feet and keep you from slipping. 

On the beach, however, shoes are just a temporary tool of transport and are meant to come off. Whether you are digging your feet into the sand next to the ocean or feeling the grass between your toes next to the river, there is nothing like a good pair of flip flops to feel cute and practical all at the same time. 

Just like our feet, our hoops aren’t fans of scratchy surfaces.  While we can wear shoes to protect our feet from rocks and gravel, our hoops will be happiest to land on softer surfaces

Even sand can be very abrasive, so we recommend leaving taped hoops at home on your beach trip and stick with the bare polypro hula hoops for dancing in the sand and the waves.

We took UV Pink, Purps, UV Yellow, and UV Orange to match some of our favorite bright summer slip-on colors.  Check out the Flip Flops here!

Summer Sarong

Tying on my Summer Sarong as a classy Hoop Dance outfit

Personally, I put a sarong on every packing list, regardless of where I am traveling to. This is the most versatile piece of fabric I have ever owned! 

Sarongs can be used as a clothing item in a myriad of ways and I’ve worn them as skirts, tops, dresses, scarves, and of course, beach cover-ups. But they can be used as so much more! 

Sarongs make great towels because of how quickly they dry. They are easy picnic and beach throws because they don’t take up much space. Sarongs can be used for sunshades and cover-ups when your shoulders are needing a break. They can be converted into shoulder bags and used as a scarf to tie your hoops to your back! 

Like the rest of our beach day items, there is no limit to the colors and styles you can choose from to match your mood, your personality, and your hoop! 

For our Summer Sarong inspired hoop, we chose our favorite warm summer tones: Furious Fuschia, UV Yellow, UV Orange, and UV Pink. And just like your sarong, this 4 piece polypro hula hoop is ready to travel! Order your Summer Sarong here!


Beach Ball

All of the toys: Beach Balls, Hula Hoops, Swim Gear, FriendsDon’t forget the summer toys!  While I love a good solo beach day with a good book, bringing a group of friends really makes the party. 

We have always been a fan of portable and playful, so inflatable beach balls are often thrown into the beach bag on our way out the door. 

This love for the playful and portable is also why all of our summer beach hoops are 4 section polypro travel hoops.

While it is always best to store your travel hoops put together into their full and natural circle, the ability to take them apart and slip the four small sections into a beach bag, a back pack, or a new hoop should bag makes the journey to and from your destination a breeze.

If you get to the beach and realize that the only beach ball you brought was the hoop, you can still invite your friends to play along and practice tossing and catching to each other! 

Our bright Beach Ball hula hoop will be easy to spot with UV Pink, Cloudless Sky, Purps, and Furious Fuschia. Grab your Beach Ball here!



Sunfish: a tropical fish, a small sailing vessel, or your new hoop?

When I first learned to sail back at girl scout camp in central Wisconsin, we were scooting around a little lake on the cutest two person sailing vessels known as Sunfishes

Regardless of how warm the air temperature is, some of us live in regions where the water is always cold. In these areas, some of us prefer to be ON the water instead of IN the water.  So hook up the trailer or the roof rack and pack up your canoe, kayak, SUP, or your little sunfish and don’t forget your life vest!

If you are feeling more beach-bound, or you want to take the hoop out on the SUP with you, check out our sun-inspired summer travel hoop. 

The Sunfish features our sunny colors of UV Orange and UV Yellow  and the four sections can be arranged to alternate colors or flow half and half.  Check it out here!


Hoop Wax

Hoop Wax is a must for beach grip and control

Regardless of what your summer sport is, prepping and caring for your gear keeps everyone running in top condition. 

Grip tape is one more thing that can get messy at the beach, so if you don’t sand the inside of your hoops for grip, you might need a different solution.  Hoop wax is here to save the day!

Hoop wax is a lightweight, removable and transparent alternative to sanding or taping your hoop.  Hoop wax rubs smoothly on your hoop to provide unparalleled grip but doesn’t come off on skin or clothing.  Order your heart of hoop wax here.


Hoop Travel Bag

Hoop bags to match your style and beach wear


Taking your hula hoop along for the adventure can be so easy.

Since all of our summer beach-inspired hoops are 4 section polypro travel hoops, they fit neatly into our hoop travel bags! 

Pick the design that matches your style and the size to match your hoop and you are ready to go.

Every person has their favorite size of hoop and their favorite colors. We made sure we have a variety of hoop travel bag colors and patterns to fit your unique personality.  We also offer a large or small size to efficiently fit the four sections of whatever size hoop you use.

Check out our selection of hoop travel bags here.


Dress Yourself!

Cute summer styles with tanks and hoodies from The Spinsterz

You are just as cute as your hoop and we have fun summer gear to dress you up as well!

Our summer crop tank tops come in both the soft peach style, or a flowy black. 

I have been a huge fan of our soft pink hoodie crops this summer. When I’m out on the boat the hoodie gives my arms and shoulders a break from the sun, but the material is breathable enough that I was comfortable even in the summer Florida heat! 

Pick out your new summer gear here!

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