Grow With Your Flow - 5/8"

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Our Grow With Your Flow polypro hoop shrinks as you grow! This hoop can convert to 8 different sizes, it's like having 8 sizes in one!

Update 2/20/20 - You can now add an optional section to your order and make TWIN 24" HOOPS!


An entire collection of hoops in ONE!


Use this one hoop for your relaxing on body flow, for your small isolation hoop, use it for your technical flow and off-body tricks, learn wedgies, breaks, and pops. This hoop can do it all and it will absolutely help you become a better hooper.



This hoop works for everyone!


One of the best ways to become a well-rounded hooper is to always be adjusting to different sizes and weights. Your flow will improve, your creativity with the hoop will expand and you'll get better. 



The Quick Facts

  • Hoop is made with 5/8" OD Polypro tubing
  • You choose your color
  • The hoop breaks down into 5 pieces
  • It converts into 8 different sizes.
  • Your hoop will come with instructions on how to easily assemble it to use different sizes.


    Sizes You Can Make

    • 20"
    • 22"
    • 24"
    • 26"
    • 28"
    • 30"
    • 32"
    • 34"


    Who is this Hoop For?


    This is a great hoop for someone that is already an intermediate hooper that is comfortable using a 3/4" polypro and wants to step up their game to the next level.

    A 5/8" OD tubing is lighter and faster than 3/4" when you step down from 3/4" ro 5/8", the hoop is going to feel really light and different. 

    The Grow With Your Flow helps make that transition easier for you. You can start with a hoop size that is slightly larger than your 3/4" one, and it will make transitioning feel more comfortable.

    As you progress as a hooper you can keep downsizing and trying out new sizes. 

    One of the best ways to become a well-rounded hooper is to always be adjusting to different sizes and weights. Your flow will improve, your creativity with the hoop will expand and you'll get better. 

    This hoop will help make that happen and save you a ton of money in the process.


    Hoop Size Configurations

    When you receive your hoop each section is labeled for each of putting different sizes together. You'll get a handy instruction sheet and you can also find the configurations below. 

    20" = 6+6+8
    22" = 6+6+10
    24" = 6+8+10 (This is also the configuration for twin hoops)
    26" = 6+10+10
    28" = 8+10+10
    30" = 6+6+8+10
    32" = 6+6+10+10
    34" = 6+8+10+10


    What is 3M Grip and Why Would I Want it?

    3M is a brand name company that makes a special sort of tape that makes hooping magic! The tape itself has a very soft rubbery texture to it that works wonders in keeping the hoop on your body and not easily falling down. 

    Some hoops, especially bare polypro can be very slippery on certain types of clothing. What this tape does is help grip your body and clothes which help keep the hoop from slipping down. 

    The tape itself is applied to the inner ring of your hoop (the part that touches your body on the inside of the hoop). It is applied as a long thin strip along the length of the hoop.


    The Spinsterz Advantage

    We are a step ahead of the crowd by offering the best service in the hoop industry. With every purchase from us know that we will take care of you should anything happen to your precious hoop baby. 

    • 6 Month "You Break it, We Replace it" Warranty.
    • Lifetime FREE Repairs.
    • All orders shipped in 48 hours or less.


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      A The Spinsterz Customer
      United States United States
      I recommend this product
      Exactly what I needed to step my game up!

      I'm loving my "Grow With Your Flow" Hoop in UV pink. The color is bright in natural and UV light, and the build is solid. Upon receiving my package, I immediately tried out the various sizes. The real test was when I packed the pieces I needed (for the 28" hoop) and it fit perfectly in my carry-on/backpack on the plane. Sometimes I feel like the weight off this adjustable hoop is not balanced because of the connectors on the different length pieces, but with practice it's easy to adapt & flow. Just a note for n00bs, sandpaper and wax help with the grip, without adding extra weight. All-in-all this purchase was SO worth it, and I really wish I discovered this hoop prior to purchasing all my other ones. #hooplife is an addiction for real. LoL

      The Spinsterz

      Hey J.J.! Thank you so much for sharing your video and experience with us! The Grow With Your Flow was specially designed to offer 8 sizes in one hoop, so we love hearing how happy you are with it! You make it look even more AWESOME than it already is <3 ~George-Anna

      Hunter D.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product
      Love my hoop!

      Great quality hoop, easy to put together, and love the vibrant pink color!!!

      The Spinsterz Grow With Your Flow - 5/8 Review
      The Spinsterz

      Hey Hunter! Thank you for sharing your experience with your Grow With Your Flow hoop! It looks great on you! ~George-Anna

      Marcella F.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product

      It is so useful and helpful to have a hoop I can change sizes of. I love it ^-^

      The Spinsterz

      Hey Marcella! We are so happy that you are loving your Grow With Your Flow hoop! Happy Hooping :) ~George-Anna

      maeva c.
      Canada Canada
      I recommend this product
      Best hoops ever

      Such a nice quality hoop. Couldn’t have ask for anything better. Thank you again

      The Spinsterz

      Hey Maeva! Thank you for sharing your experience! We love that you are enjoying your hoop <3 ~George-Anna

      Genevieve S.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product
      Wonderful hoop set!

      I ordered one set back in March and loved it- went on vacation and left it behind at my campsite. I was so heartbroken- I ordered a single replacement hoop from a different company (was trying to save money) and realized the quality wasn’t even close to Spinsterz’s. It ended up collecting dust and I ordered another set from Spinsterz- the quality is awesome! Worth every penny! They also have excellent customer service- thank you!

      The Spinsterz

      Hey Genevieve! Thank you so much for your kind words! So sorry to hear about the loss of your first set, but very happy to hear that you finally have your replacement set and are hooping again! ~George-Anna

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