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LED 2 Foot Glow Baton

💚 1 Year Warranty

💚 Very User Friendly. Great for Kids Too!

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LED flow props that are built to last a lifetime. Flowing with LED lights is both fun for you and provides entertainment for others. These are great for school groups and larger performances.

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Light Up LED Twirling Baton

Features two high powered LED lights fully enclosed in a tough milky white polycarbonate sheath which is then fully enclosed in a soft translucent silicone ball. The balls add weight to the end of the glow baton ensuring smooth twirling while simultaneously protecting the enclosed LED Lights ensuring a long life span of both the stick itself and the LED units.

  These batons have been consistently popular for use in High School Band and children's performances. They also make excellent gifts for birthdays and are perfect for those looking to challenge themselves with advanced baton tricks.


  • Constructed from super strong and durable polycarbonate plastic.
  • Your choice of colors.
  • One year Warranty on electronic components.
  • Comes with batteries. 
  • Measures 24.5" long from end to end.

The shaft is constructed from a perfectly translucent super tough plastic that has just enough flex to protect the stick from strong impacts without hindering play. 

Each LED unit takes 3 x L1142 batteries which are supplied with the glow baton. Battery life is approximately 3 to 5 hours of bright glow. Additional batteries can be purchased from our website at prices way below that of your average retail store.

Each end has one LED light, you can choose to have the same colors in each end or choose a different color for each, creating your totally custom glow! If you ever want to change up the colors in the future, we sell individual lights at a low price.


  • Supplied with 6 batteries
  • Your choice of 2 colors- 1 color per side. 
  • One year warranty
  • Easy on and off with the twist of a cap


  • Red 
  • Blue
  • White
  • Magenta
  • Turquoise
  • Green
  • 7 Color Blink - changes colors every .5 seconds
  • 7 Color Strobe - changes colors every .00025 seconds
  • 7 Color Fade - changes colors every 3 seconds


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Return Policy

The warranty on these LED props come with a 1 year warranty from date of purchase with intended use. If you should have an issue with your prop, please send an email to and describe your issue in detail with photos.

If your prop should fail and it is determined that is is due to a manufacturing defect we will replace the product and pay for shipping. If your prop has failed due to misuse, we are reasonable people and we can talk about possible repairs that will not be covered by us.

LED Flow Fun

Our line of LED Flow Toys by Light up and Juggle are the BEST LED props we've found that balance durability and ease of play.

They are incredibly simpe to operate, glow for a long-time, and will last you a lifetime.

These props are meant to take a beating and will handle being repeatedly dropped as you become more and more skilled in your flow.

These are a wonderful gift for kids as well. Just give em something that glows that they can't break, and the kids in your life will be happy for days.

Best investment I’ve made

Right off the bat, I could feel just how good the quality of the material was. "They look great on their own, and then once I turned them on in the dark, my mind was blown. I love glow in the dark/ anything glowy, naturally these looked amazing to me. My only fear was that dropping them a few times would mess up the lights, but have been using for ~1 month and have very proudly dropped them many times as I practiced and they still work just fine. Absolutely love these!!!"

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Carol Barry
Broke day 2

Not very durable as it will get dropped!

Thank you for leaving a review. These LED batons should be very durable. If you read the product description, it states to reach out to us if you experience any issues and we would be happy to address the issue.
Thank you


2 foot is Easier to handle but it’s fun

Allen Bixel
Love this baton!

I ordered one of these in order to see if it would be sturdy enough and effective for my high school marching band majorettes to use during our halftime show in the fall. I was very pleased with the quality and with how bright the whole thing lights up! I will definitely be ordering 8 more for my majorettes to use next season! They love the one I got and are excited to each get their own!

First ever baton!!

I had virtually zero flow experience before buying this baton but it has been my favorite purchase I’ve made in recent months. Gives me an excuse to go out and get some much needed sunlight everyday and BOY do you feel powerful with this bad boy lit up at a festival. Rating 5 stars even tho after a couple harsh tumbles the LED twisty thing broke because the company has just been fantastic working with me about it and I’m actually going to buy the next level one and essentially just pay the difference! Will definitely update at some point with a comparison of the two!!

OMG Your hair is so awesome- we just knew you were such a rad human. Thanks for taking time to leave us a video!

Ivy Khuc
Faulty functionality

Don't expect this to be a durable product. I had mine for 2 days and the twisted knob to turn off/on the light got stuck and I was unable to turn off the light, having to let it run out of battery for the light to turn off. At that point only one end was working right. I asked if there was anything I can do about it, but they just told me that I needed to purchase another one instead, they can't do anything to fix or replace it.

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