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Gora Fire Contact Sword

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Quality, long lasting fire tools for ALL performers.

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 The Gora Fire Contact Sword is a fire sword designed for contact moves. Contact tricks are moves where you aren't holding onto the sword with your hands. If you've never done any contact staff we wouldn't recommend learning contact with a sword as tricks are a bit harder with a sword than with a staff.


If you're already a contact staffer then transferring your skills to a sword will take practice but shouldn't be too difficult.

At the end of the handle is a counterweight made from a 500g (1.1lbs) steel ball covered in a soft under-layer with a durable rubber over-layer. These layers protect both the sword and your head from damage! The counterweight accounts for more than half of the sword's overall weight. This has the effect of bringing the sword's center of gravity into the middle of the handle and making contact tricks possible.

The weight distribution means that contact sword tricks look magical to the audience as they are unaware of the counterweight and how it shifts the center of gravity.

The core of this contact sword is made from 7075 aluminum which is strong, resists bending, and is lightweight. The blade is 69cm (27.1") long and covered in high-quality wick giving you a burn time of around 4 minutes.

Separating the blade and the handle is a circular silicone guard that helps to shield the handle from the flames and heat.

The handle itself is 59cm (22.5") long and wrapped in a grippy handlebar tape that should resist the slippery nature of the fuel. The handle is tapered and features two balance points; one for when the sword is fully fuelled and another for when the sword is dry.

This sword is NOT suitable for combat. Impacts with other swords may damage or bend the blade. Due to the size of the flames on this prop and the difficulty performing contact moves with it we recommend only people experienced in contact staff/sword use this item.


It is required to read the Fire Safety Information prior to making your purchase. It is necessary that all customers understand how to use their prop safely and properly manage the risks involved in fire performance. The Spinsterz will not be held responsible for any damage to any persons including but not limited to death, extreme burns, or any and all injuries.



We want you to get your new flow prop quick! The normal build time is 24 hours... but please always check the top of the website for current build times.

💨 We ship FAST. Monday - Thursday. Your order will ship out via the method you select at checkout. We promised to make sure each item is packaged with care - we also re-use packing paper in efforts to cut down on waste. Please make sure to read more on our shipping policy here as we will not be help responsible for mail carrier negligence in any form, but will aid in submitting claims if necessary.


All Fire Props:

A One Year Warranty will come with each purchase of any fire prop through our website. This warranty includes defects in the materials or workmanship.

The Kevlar wick itself will not be covered as this material will deteriorate over time, even with intended use. To ensure your prop lasts, the directions should be followed at all times, and the props handled with care.

We reserve the right to refuse a replacement for any reason. The user should be in full control of the fire prop at all times, be professionally trained and carry active insurance.

Using fire props can cause serious injury, including death, The Spinsterz will not be held responsible in any way if an injury was to occur.

Flow Toy Benefits

Health Benefits of Flow

⭐️ Feels like Movement meditation.

⭐️ Quiets your mind.

⭐️ Improves hand eye coordination.

⭐️ Creates more spatial awareness.

⭐️ Improves fluidity in movement.

Everyone Can Play

⭐️ Flow Toys are enjoyed by all ages.

⭐️ They are easy to learn.

⭐️ Find free lesson on our YouTube.

⭐️ A great way to hang with friends.

⭐️ Flow solo or with your crew.

Customer Reviews

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Abby Talbert
Having a rough morning

Actually my last review wasn’t fully accurate. I was having a rough morning when I left that review. I didn’t ever notice the free return label they emailed me back a few years ago after I first complained about my hoop, until just now. So I guess someone was willing to help out but I didn’t take action. Cause I also was in a weird place then.

Lauren Michele

Awesome fire sword, burns big and bright! A crowd favorite for fire gigs!

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