Juggle Dream Fire Staff - 47.2" (120cm)

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The 47.2" (120cm) design is simple with strong construction and quality materials make this an ideal prop for people interested in staff manipulation and fire spinning.

The Juggle Dream fire staff features 33cm of 'tennis racket' style grip along the center which should facilitate better control as well as working as a visual marker when spinning.

Each staff uses 100mm of quality kevlar wick on either end which is easily replaced (after plenty of burns of course) using the screw locking system. These staffs are reasonably lightweight, suitable for faster routines and twirling - the smaller

47.2" (120cm) is also ideal for double staff manipulation.


  • length - 47.2" (120cm)
  • Wick - 4"
  • Weight - 25 ounces
  • Made from Aluminum