Rope Fire Fans

Rope Fire Fans produce a large amount of fire and a "wall" effect when in use. They're well constructed and have a great design for graceful dynamic moves.


Their weight feels solid and the length is great even if you have a smaller wing span. Even simple moves look impressive with the full rope wick.


Rope Fan Features

  • Solid construction, powdercoated steel frame for a long lasting fire toy.
  • 30" of 3/4inch kevlar (R) rope for a huge sheet/wall of flame.
  • Carefully positioned finger spin loops to obtain maximum control, spin and balance at all times.
  • Allows for increased moves in the routine.
  • Easily replaceable rope wick.

Rope Fan Specs

  • welded steel, powdercoated frame:
  • 3/16 inch diameter wire except large loop 8mm diameter
  • internal diameter finger loop: 1 inch
  • internal diameter palm loop: 1.8 inches
  • height 16.5 inches
  • 30 inches span of 3/4inch )
  • Weight per fan: 1lb 3oz

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