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Lumi LED Glow Staff

💚 1 Year Warranty

💚 Very User Friendly. Great for Kids Too!

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LED flow props that are built to last a lifetime. Flowing with LED lights is both fun for you and provides entertainment for others. These are great for school groups and larger performances.

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  The newest addition to our line of LED Glow Staffs.


The Lumi Staff is now collapsible!  Gripped with Silicone for a non-slip, comfortable feel and has 6 different light changing modes.

This is a GREAT staff for beginners, kids, and spinners that are really hard on their staff and don't want it to break. 

The Lumi Glow Staff is a simple yet SUPER strong build, made from polycarbonate, it's pretty close to indestructible!



Super Bright

The Lumi Light Staff is built for night time glow fun. Kids love to spin it and create light trails in the dark. This glow staff gives hours of entertainment.

Featuring 2 x super bright LED light units that illuminate the full length of the staff, making sure you'll stand out in the night.


    Easy to Use

    Simple and easy to operate. There's just one button that turns the staff on/off (hold down for a few seconds) and press once to cycle through each of the color modes. Batteries are easy to change, with no screws. Just slide off the end cap and remove the light unit that opens in half for you to replace the batteries.


    Ultra Durable

    Made of strong Polycarbonate tube (that's the stuff bullbars were made of) making them lightweight yet super robust. Designed with kids in mind, they can withstand knocks and drops at fast-spinning speeds.

    The LED Light Unit is protected within the tubing and covered at the button end by rubber end caps for extra insulation.



    Gripped with Silicone for a non-slip, comfortable feel.


    Product Specifications

    • Staff Diameter: 3/4 inch (19mm) 
    • Weight: 170 grams


    What's Included 

    1 x Lumi Light Staff.
    2 x Lumi LED Light Units
    8 LR44 x Batteries



    12-month manufacturer's warranty on the LED light units. Physical staff not covered by warranty.


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    Return Policy

    The warranty on these LED props come with a 1 year warranty from date of purchase with intended use. If you should have an issue with your prop, please send an email to and describe your issue in detail with photos.

    If your prop should fail and it is determined that is is due to a manufacturing defect we will replace the product and pay for shipping. If your prop has failed due to misuse, we are reasonable people and we can talk about possible repairs that will not be covered by us.

    LED Flow Fun

    Our line of LED Flow Toys by Light up and Juggle are the BEST LED props we've found that balance durability and ease of play.

    They are incredibly simpe to operate, glow for a long-time, and will last you a lifetime.

    These props are meant to take a beating and will handle being repeatedly dropped as you become more and more skilled in your flow.

    These are a wonderful gift for kids as well. Just give em something that glows that they can't break, and the kids in your life will be happy for days.

    Best investment I’ve made

    Right off the bat, I could feel just how good the quality of the material was. "They look great on their own, and then once I turned them on in the dark, my mind was blown. I love glow in the dark/ anything glowy, naturally these looked amazing to me. My only fear was that dropping them a few times would mess up the lights, but have been using for ~1 month and have very proudly dropped them many times as I practiced and they still work just fine. Absolutely love these!!!"

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Stacey Case

    Love them!

    Elizabeth Bizios
    Great for beginners

    Lightweight, easy to use, you can twirl it like a baton or use it like a traditional longer flow staff! Absolutely love it, can't wait to bring it to a festival

    Michael Farrelly
    First short staff experience

    I absolutely love these short staffs. I've been wanting to get into flow arts for a long time but never wanted to start from nothing learning a new skill. These staffs are perfect because my skills from years of pen spinning translate perfectly. The video is from the day after receiving it.

    Two of my lights stopped working within a week of having this. This is the only reason I did 4 instead of 5 stars. And I am assuming they will be replaced for free otherwise I would be putting 1 star lol. I request someone contact me asap to send me replacements.

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