LED Contact Ball - 100mm


This LED Contact Juggling Ball is freaking awesome! It's the best i've come across in terms of affordability, durability and performance. We've had some sets for 7+ years that have been used as demo's and they still work perfectly! 

Your Benefits

  • Long lasting insanely durable
  • Filled with plastic pellets for added weight. 
  • Easy to change LED light if you want to swap colors. 
  • Lifetime warranty
  • So many colors to choose from


  • 100mm or 3.94" Diameter
  • Weight - 253 grams
  • Soft silicone shell filled with plastic pellets for weight
  • Uses 3 x L1142 batteries (supplied)



  • 7 Color Blink - changes colors every .5 seconds
  • 7 Color Strobe - changes colors every .00025 seconds
  • 7 Color Fade - changes colors every 3 seconds
  • Solid Red 
  • Solid Green
  • Solid White
  • Solid Blue
  • 27 Mode Programmable LED Light


27 Mode All Light

The ALL LIGHT has it AL! 27 of the best custom made color patterns you will ever control!
The colored circles in the illustration accurately represent the All Light's color tracers in a circular motion. 
Many research hours were spent finding just the right mix of colors, patterns, and blinking speeds, to match the speed and motion of the various juggle props and skill toys, as the user desires.


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    A The Spinsterz Customer
    Asher Taylor-Dawson

    TL;DR: 10/10: Bright light, ideal texture, really nice weight, size handles well and reads well for a theater audience, durability is on point. Highly recommended; will buy again (next time with the programmable LED!). Details: This ball is exceptional. I was looking for a fairly large LED stage ball, moderately weighty, that could hold up to the rigors of use in partnered work (read: lots of drops during movement research :D). This one has proven a sound choice on all counts. My partner and I initially developed our act using a rhythmic gymnastics ball and a combination of contact juggling, rhythmic gymnastics ball technique, acro-balancing, and ballet, so I wasn't 100% sure about the size--but, in fact, 100mm is about perfect. It makes the contact juggling parts much more accessible (especially for my partner, who is 4'11") without losing the visual focus that the larger ball provided. The weight is good for contact juggling moves and also for the momentum-driven toss/catch moves used in rhythmic gymnastics. According to the reviews that I've read, this ball is essentially the gold standard. The Spinsterz is a great shop--quick shipping, competitive pricing, sound policies. You can't go wrong with this purchase.

    Nick P.

    This LED cj ball is a freaking steal. I once paid $50 for a hard shell version of this and that model couldn't even compare to this one. This is a soft 100mm ball. Very similar to a standards 100mm stage ball but it's also filled with polypellets to give it the weight of about a 90mm acrylic, which is a really nice weight for body rolls and head balance. If you can impress an audience with an acrylic, you will mind blow am audience with this LED ball. 28 bucks is such a steal. If you live cj'ing and you decide yup not buy this, you're shooting yourselfin the foot, seriously. You don't regret this buy.