The Spinsterz Muze LED Hoop Warranty

We've got you covered for 1 year!

How it works

In the event that your Spinsterz Muze LED Hoop stops working, we'll repair or replace it for free!  All you have to do is get it back to us and cover the cost of shipping. You must reach out to us within the 1 year window. 1 year is considered exactly 1 year from the original purchase date.

Coverage Details

This warranty covers our workmanship, the LED circuit, micro-controller board, and charger. 

Batteries wear over time. Internal batteries are covered for one year from the date of purchase. External batteries are not covered.  

The warranty does not cover normal wear on the flow tool occurring from normal use such as scuffs, scratches and damage to tape. The warranty does not cover any damage to the flow tool due to abuse, improper care, improper charging, damage to tubing from improper collapsing or exposure to water, dirt, sand, heat, cold or other adverse environmental conditions. Damage to the flow tools caused by heat, flame, or fuel from using the flow tool as a fire hoop or fire tool is not covered.

This flow tool is NOT waterproof. Exposing it to water can cause serious damage to the sensitive electronics. The presence of water in the flow tool at any time will void this warranty. This flow tool contains a water detection system. Tampering with this system will also void the warranty.

Damage to the plastic tubing or damage caused by the tubing breaking is not covered by this warranty. The tubing used to make the Muze Hoop has a physical limit of how much force it can withstand before failing. The user of this flow prop is responsible for understanding these limits. Damage caused by forceful moves such as, but not limited to, paddle breaks and knee reversals is not covered by this warranty. Polypropylene and Polycarbonate become brittle when cold. Always store your flow tool at room temperature (60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit) and take extra care when using in cold climates. Damage to the tubing caused by exposure to cold is not covered by this warranty.

We reserve the right to refuse coverage to anyone that abuses this policy, such as intentionally causing damage, or repeatedly causing damage by doing the same thing.

Purchaser is responsible for safely returning the flow prop. All shipping costs MUST be paid by the purchaser and will NOT be refunded. Purchaser assumes all liability for any loss or damage that occurs during the return shipping.  

This warranty is NON-TRANSFERABLE.

This warranty is effective September 1st, 2023 and covers The Spinsterz Muze LED Hoop purchased on or after this date.  

Taking proper care of your Muze Hoop is your responsibility. To avoid damages not covered by this warranty, please review the important LED care instructions. This warranty is void if the hoop or flow tool is taken apart, disassembled, or modified in any way.



You may choose to add on an additional year of coverage. This will make your hoop fall under the warranty described about for TWO years from the original purchase date. This must be added on and paid for at time of purchase.