Gora Standard Fire Sword

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This is the original Gora Fire Sword, first created in 2003. It has a beautiful flame, is durable and light.

The "blade" is covered with 4.9 feet of kevlar wick.

The handle is made from rubber and finished with a round knob allowing swinging movements. The silicone hand guard protects your hands from the heat, stops paraffin running on to the handle and also gives the sword a more authentic look. The core is made from fiberglass making it flexible and durable.

The Fire Sword is best used for dancing and swinging style moves, or to act out a fight. It is also suitable for throwing type tricks.

The core of the Fire Sword is a .5 inch fiberglass rod. The handles start with a 1.5 inch wooden ball knob followed by a soft spongy EPDM tube grip. A silicone disc acts as a shield to protect your hands and arms from the flames.

The tip of the blade is wrapped by a 1 inch reinforced kevlar wick to protect from abrasion. If this part is damaged, we recommend you don’t use the sword until it is replaced as this part is much easier to repair.

The weight of a fire sword is 0.8 pounds.

Feel the force and have a safe fight!


Recommendations for use:

Have cooling down breaks and stops. Too much heat breaks the fiberglass! 

Do not hit each other, only dance, throw or imitate the fight.

Do not keep the swords downwards continuously. 

Don't put it on the ground while burning.

Use lower heat level liquids like paraffin, lamp oil or barbecue oil. Do not use white spirit or benzene.