How to Travel with My Hoop

How to Travel with My Hoop

Can I fly with my hoop?

You can most definitely bring your hula hoop on a plane and we are going to tell you all about the things you should know.

  • Bringing your hoop on the plane is just fine.
  • Yes, you can check it in your bag and you can bring it to carry on.
  • Coils your hoop down to a smaller size (the same size as the carry on bag allowance)
  • Connect it to your bag so it looks like it’s a part of your luggage
  • Sling it over your shoulder as you board. Super inconspicuous
  • You can gate check your hoop.
  • Protect your hoop from damage if you do check it as luggage

Bring your hoop as carry-on

You can bring your hoop as carry-on just like in the picture above, or check out the below image of how Abby Elain does it.

Check to make sure you know how to properly collapse your hoop. Sometimes it’s a figure eight fold, and sometimes it’s a snap button and then coil down type of collapse. You will need a collapsible hoop. Yes, there are people who have flown with a full-size hoop, but I can’t attest to this, nor can I imagine that experience being all that fun. Some airlines will let you store it on board, but it seems like a lot of trouble to me.

If you do show up at the gate with a full-size hoop, ask the ticket checker to gate check the hoop. Attach the tag to your hoop(s) and be SURE to keep the other part of the ticket. You’ll carry your hoop down the jetway and drop it in the same place you see people drop off the strollers and car seats.


I’d suggest a collapsible hoop only, there’s no risk as to where it will be stored once you board the plane, it will fit in the overhead compartment (so you can keep an eagle eye on your babies).

Extra tip if you have small hoops:

If you have hoops that are smaller than 32’’ chances are, you will have trouble collapsing them, they are just too small. The best advice for this situation is to get extra tubing to act as an addon to your hoop to complete the circle. I have pictures to show you so you can see what I mean. My hoops pictured are 28’’ HDPE, the extra add on makes taking them places SO much easier. It’s well worth it, and hoop shops are usually more than willing to do it for you, sometimes at no cost since you just need a very small amount of some scrap tubing.


No extra tubing? Just tape them together at the ends and it will be a funny shape, and less convenient to carry, but they should still be small enough to bring on the flight, just attach them to your bag.

Checking Your Hoops as Luggage

If you have multiple hoops you want to bring, I’d buy a hoop bag. It’s just so much easier to transport multiple hoops. If you don’t have the cash flow for this option, just get something to strap them on your bag. A simple backpack with a velcro tie or something would work just fine. Get creative, just attach them somehow unless you’re cool with multiple hoops hanging off your person. (many Etsy stores have hoop bags for sale)

Photo Credit: Tiffany Hancock and Indika Creationz Facebook page

Sectional or Collapsible Hula Hoop

This is by far my preferred choice as these 4 sections or more hoops are just SO easy to travel with! We have a great selection of 4 Section Travel Hoops.

With break apart or multi-section hoops you can just take them apart and put them in your backpack, suitcase, yoga mat bag or just sling it over your shoulder with a strap.

Traveling with Fire Hula Hoops

Yes, you can travel with your fire hoop, and there are some things you should know so that it goes as smoothly as possible.

I would NOT recommend traveling with a fire hoop that doesn’t have removable wicks as this is much more difficult to pack down small enough for carry-on or checking.

How to Travel with your Fire Hoop

  1. Remove all your wicks, be sure they are not freshly soaked. It’s ok if they’ve been burned before.
  2. Put them in a sealed gallon ziplock bag.
  3. Wash your hands.
  4. Get another gallon ziplock bag and put the first bag in that bag. Don’t seel it yet.
  5. Make yourself look professional. Put a business card in the plastic bag, a note describing what these are and that you are a professional fire performer and traveling for a paid gig.
  6. Be as honest as possible and don’t try to hide them or act suspiciously. Think of them as the sex toys you travel with and you’ll be just fine

Be Nice and Respectful

My experience has always been positive on all of my flights. My hoop bag hasn’t counted as a carry on even, and nobody has questioned my odd looking circular green bag. I’ve flown internationally and in the USA. I can’t speak for all airlines of course, but if they are collapsed, they will certainly be allowed as a carryon. You can check with your specific airline if they are strict with carry-ons, just in case. The collapsed hoops will fit in the overhead compartment.


Have fun you hooping goddess! It’s no problemo to travel with your hoops as long as you properly store them in the overhead compartment and if they are collapsible. So have fun wherever you happen to jaunt off to in this wonderful world.


Here’s a video from the lovely miss Morgan Jenkins on her experience flying with her hula hoops. 18 of them!


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