The Toro Flux is known by many names which can sometimes make it confusing to the consumer. I'd like to give you some information so that you know EXACTLY what you are buying and what to expect when shopping for the popular "arm slinky" toy. 

Toroflux History

toroflux toy


The Toroflux was kind of discovered by our good friends over at Flow Toys, actually, their friend Dai Zaobab showed it to them at a party one night and they were hooked! 


Flow Toys hooked up with the inventor in Germany, a man by the name of Valett.


They made an initial wholesale purchase of this Toroflux toy and hit the US festival scene with it in 2010, it was an immediate success!


By 2013 the kinetic arm slinky was SO popular that knock-offs starting appearing on the market and unfortunately these knock-offs are not as good of quality. Some of the knock-offs go so far to even copy the name, packaging, and logos that Flow Toys worked so hard to create. 


If you are wondering, we DO sell the original toroflux and we buy it directly from Flow Toys.


Alternative Toroflux Names

  • Spring Toy
  • Arm Slinky
  • Kinetic Jewelry
  • Infinity Ring
  • Flow Ring
  • Toroidal Toy
  • Flippyflux

As you can see there are now MANY names that this toy goes by and is sold under. 


We DO also sell other models of the arm slinky, but we do not call these a toroflux as this is a trademarked name and we have mad respect for Flow Toys 😎


One of the things we really wanted to offer people was different infinity ring colors to choose from, and that is why we carry other kinds or toroflux toys. 


We now have UV Reactive, Glow in the Dark, and all sorts of colored flow rings to choose from!


colorful toroflux toy