Ordering Multiple Hoops

Double Hula Hoops
  • Any of The Spinsterz  hoops can be made into doubles, juggling hoops, or quads  
  • Easy to order— Find your favorite color hoop, choose the quantity you want under the quantity drop-down, and add your new hoops to your cart! 
  • The more hoops you buy at once, the more you save! 
  • Looking for twins in different colors? You can do that, too! Click here to order your custom twin hoops.
  • We ship all hoops in 48 hours or less, so it's pretty much guaranteed you'll have it by that upcoming festival! 
  • All of our hoops are covered by our 6-month You Break It, We Replace it warranty.


More hoops. More savings. More Fun

Are you ready to explore the wonderful world of multi-hoop tech? Now is the time! Whether you want to try twin hoop tech, hoop juggling, or quad hooping, we have you covered! 

Simply browse our hoop collection and find your favorite hoop! Once you find it, you will see a few drop-downs that will allow you to customize your order. One of these is the Quantity drop-down. When you select twins/doubles, juggling hoops, or quad hoops, you will automatically receive a discount for purchasing multiple hoops! As your quantity of hoops goes up, you will save more!



Why Multi-hoop?

If you find yourself in a hoop rut, maybe it's time to add another hoop to your flow! Twin hooping, triple hooping, juggling, and quad hooping are all great ways to challenge your mind and body in a fun and exciting way. You will find yourself slipping down enticing rabbit holes full of hoop tech and beautiful wizardry. Multi-hooping will provide you with excellent mental stimulation and a great show piece that will WOW any audience!


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What size hoop to get? 

As you may know already, the style of hooping that you enjoy will affect what size hoop you choose to purchase. If you want to do on-body hooping, you will likely choose a hoop with a larger diameter, and if you prefer off-body hooping, you will likely choose a hoop with a smaller diameter. 

If you love the looks of patterns, folds, and isolations, you might choose to get a pair of mini hoops when selecting your first double hoop set. When selecting mini hoops, it is advised to select a hoop diameter that will fit between your armpit and hand. This will allow you to move your hoop through this space, preventing you from getting stuck as you do certain moves. Grab a measuring tape and measure from your armpit to wrist to get an idea of what size hoop you will need.

For example, the Vertical Linear Isolation vs. Horizontal Linear Isolation trick in WaywardKay's video is much easier to complete when done with mini hoops.



If you want to incorporate some of your favorite single hoop tricks into your double flow, you will want to get a larger set! You will want to choose a size that will still allow you to do tricks like escalators, wedgies, and coinflips! 

Check out this video of sponsored hooper, Jasmine Kienne's, Continuous Folding Reverse Escalator as an example of on-body double hooping. 


Many double hoopers prefer 5/8" tubing because it is more comfortable to fit two 5/8" hoops in their hands than 3/4" hoops. Clenching two larger hoops for an extended period of time, can make your hands and wrists sore. We recommend giving 5/8" tubing a try!

Remember, that the smaller your hoop is, the lighter your hoop will be, and the faster your hoop will go. Some mini hoopers prefer to use taped hoops because the tape adds some extra weight and grip to your hoop. This will help prevent your hoop from flying away as you do fast weaves and tosses. Plus, with all of the gorgeous tape options we offer, you really can't go wrong!

Watch sponsored hooper, Alexandra Sunshine get down with her taped double hoops! 


The Spinsterz Advantage

When you buy a hoop, we understand that you want to have this hoop forever and hope that it never breaks. We want to help you feel GREAT in your hoop purchase and do our best to make the highest quality hoops possible. We wanted to take this one step further and give you even more peace of mind by giving you 6 month 50% Off Replacement and Lifetime Repair.