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Weight Lost - 31 pounds

“My weight has yo-yo'd in the last 15 years, with the advent of children and more recently with the passing of my dad. On New Years Day I tipped a pound short of 13 stone which was real wake-up call, and the healthy eating began. I knew I needed to couple this with exercise, but having previously tried bootcamp, the gym, zumba and 'hour of power' I had not found anything I didn't get bored with, and that I actually enjoyed. I work next door to the Leisure Centre in Littleport, and noticed that they were advertising 'Powerhoop' - I signed up, despite never having been able to hula hoop before. I started on the 21st January weighing in at 12st 9lb, and now in July I have lost 2st 3lb and I feel great! I love the class, and I love the alternating between hooping and regular exercise. There's all abilities in our class and I like the fact it's not competitive - we just enjoy ourselves. My instructor Tania changes it up every week, and I think I've only missed one class in all this time. Powerhoop has encouraged me to have more faith in myself - I joined in Tania's 4 hour fitness fundraiser event in June, I completed a 5k Pretty Muddy this month, and have a 11 mile fundraiser walk planned for September this year. In addition to Tania's classes I have my own Powerhoop and DVD, and I regularly hoop for 10-20 minutes of an evening whilst watching TV."

-Jo Hedges, age 44, Cambridgeshire, England


Weight Lost - 63 pounds

"I love Powerhooping because I feel a lot fitter/ healthier and it has tightened my core muscles. I had lots of loose skin as I have had 6 kids, and since I start Powerhooping it has shrunk a lot. I also have made a really good friend in my instructor Nicolle, we have fun while working out with her and it's thanks to her encouragement that has kept me going. She is a star and Powerhooping has given me the results I was looking for. I have lost 4.5 stone in total! Very happy indeed." 

-Beverley Burn, age 40, Newcastle, England


Weight Lost - 30 pounds

"Before starting Powerhoop I was the biggest I've ever been. I weighed 15 stone and I desperately needed to take action. I heard about Powerhooping through a friend and thought I should give it a go. Although I felt uncomfortable with my size I really enjoyed the fun, upbeat class. I walked away thinking 'this is the change I need'.  In nine months, along with a healthy eating plan I've lost 30lb. I've been so motivated by Powerhoop, and my class instructor Michelle has been the best to help me on my journey." 

-Sarah Coldwell, age 24, Yorkshire, England


Weight Lost - 35 pounds

"I was 22 stone and had been trying to lose weight for a good few years. I lost five stone and came to a plateau, then I discovered Powerhoop. Powerhoop is the only exercise I’ve ever enjoyed and I was addicted straight away. I started off with one class a week then increased to two. I love it - it is a full body workout and a great laugh. I've noticed a massive difference in my waist and stomach since starting Powerhoop and I would recommend it to anyone. Powerhoop is the only thing that could get the last of my weight off - I’ve lost another 2.5 stone in the last 9 months. I am comfortably wearing a size 14 – I am so pleased! Power to the hoop!"

Nicola Galloway, age 37, Newcastle, England