Muze LED Hoop Instructions

Congratulations On Your New MUZE Hoop!

The Spinsterz Muze hoop is a one-of-a-kind LED performance hoop like no other! 40 BOLD psychedelic patterns designed to create mesmerizing effects when the hoop is in motion.

Why are we stoked you chose this hoop?

You can easily customize the color and speed of each pattern using the remote and save them to the favorites bank. It's the perfect hoop for long flow jams, performances, and festival use! We can't wait to see what you you have to share with us, or just enjoy your flow on your own. Entirely up to you :)


Uncoiling Your New Hoop

Your hoop has been coiled for shipment. For best results, remove the blue tape and allow the tubing to “breathe” for a day or two before connecting. Let it lay flat on the ground. 

Uncoiling a new hoop

The best way to round out your hoop is by hooping with it. Laying the hoop on a flat surface in sunlight can help speed up this process.

We recommend storing your hoop connected to maintain its circular shape. If you collapse the hoop for travel, it's best to uncollapse it as soon as possible. The longer the hoop is collapsed, the longer it will take to round back out.


Connecting The Hoop

When connecting the hoop together, make sure the push button snaps into position. Slightly twisting the two ends of the tubing back and forth can help the button snap in.

Snap the button


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Need more Help?

We're here to answer any questions you may have about your new hoop.  We can be contacted by emailing or by text at 541.241.8727.