Weighted Hoop (section 3)



Hooping is AMAZING for the abs! The Weight Loss Style Fitness Hoop is meant to be used on the core: your waist, your hips, your chest, your shoulders.  Every movement uses your entire body, but you will feel it most intensely in your abdominal muscles and your lower back.


Don’t forget to practice with the hooping moving in the other direction!  A “six pack” may be a fun goal, but we love to joke about the idea of accidentally getting a “three pack” from only hooping in one direction.





To create different weights of hoops, we use different sizes and weights of tubing.  Adding physical weight separate from a hoop creates an imbalance in the circle that can make it more difficult to use.  If you remember a hoop with marbles or water in it from when you were a kid, you might remember that the added weight helped the hoop go around. However, when you wanted the hoop to do anything else than that initial motion, the loose weights would fight against the change.  By using material that evenly distributes the weight around the circle, and using various weights of decorative tape around the circle, you can enjoy the benefit of a heavier hoop, without the challenge of loose weights that move separately from the whole.





The Weight Loss Style Fitness Hoop can look rather intimidating, but the extra size is really your friend.


The wider tubing width puts more hoop in contact with your body as it spins around your core. This helps many beginners feel more control over the movement of the hoop.


We prefer at least one round of grip tape on all of our fitness hoops. A wider tubing width means more grip tape is in contact with your body at all times, making it easier for your body to communicate with the spinning hoop.


The heavier material doesn’t allow as much give in the hoop when weight or pressure is applied to it.  This makes for a great tool to use in for balance or resistance in different exercises.


The larger tubing means a slightly heavier hoop which helps many beginners keep the hoop going around the waist.


While the hoop is heavier, the weight is spread out on wider surface as it comes in contact with your body. Many people find the weight loss style hoop optimal for abdominal massage.



It is common for beginner hoopers to experience some bruising when first learning how to hoop, especially when using a larger and heavier hoop.  For most people, hoops under 3 lbs are safe to use on a daily basis. However, we wouldn’t recommend practicing moves like tosses, foot hooping, or body rolls with the heavier styles of hoops!  The Weight Loss Style Hoop is best when used for core hooping around your waist, hips, chest or shoulders.


If you are recovering from previous injuries, have a physical condition such as osteoporosis, or are pregnant, we recommend that you use a lighter hoop and consult your doctor before beginning new fitness routines.