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4 Polypro Hoop Deal

30 Day Risk Free Trial

✅ Pinch Free - No Gap

✅ A Fun Flow Hoop for Tricks

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Light weight. Free Repairs. Fully Customizable. Build Your Deam Hoop.

Skip the line! Add Priority Processing For $10.95 and your order will ship in 24 hours!

Priority Processing

❤️ Get Your Order Shipped Within 24 Hours!


Save some moola and grab yourself 4 bare polypros at the same time! When you buy this pack of 4 bare polypro hoops you save money and each hoop comes to just $29.95!


You choose 4 different colors. Sizes and tubing will be the same for each hoop.


Hoop Specs

  • Super strong polycarbonate connectors.
  • Available in 3/4" or 5/8" polypro
  • Made from polypro tubing.
  • Coils down for travel with the push of a button.



      No further discounts may be applied.



      Yup, you are going to get your hoop or flow toy faster than any other flow shop on the internets. BAM! 💥

      Hooping and spinning flow toys is so damn good for you that we want you to get your order as fast as humanly possible. 

      What humanly possible looks like at The Spinsterz is us getting your order, building your custom hoop or flow components and getting it in a box and out the door in 24 hours*.  Be sure to check the top of our site as we state our current build times. and if we are out on vacation or whatever we feel we need to say, we put it there.

      *Your item will ship in 24-48 hours during regular business hours (Monday - Friday 8am - 11am). If you order is received after 9am on Friday, it will ship on Monday/Tuesday

      We ship Monday - Thursday and do not work on the weekends.

      Your order will ship out via the method you select at checkout. More info here!

      Return Policy


      We want you to love your hoop! Once your package arrives, we ask that you inspect your hoop to make sure it is exactly what you ordered.

      All hoops are hand crafted and made to order for you, with the highest level of detail and dedication by our Hoop Elf Team, Christina, Brittany, Daria, and Melinda. Therefore, we encourage you to carefully choose your size, diameter and color. It is a custom made product for you.😳

      More info on warranty here..... 

      10,000 Spins Return Policy

      The Spinsterz makes returns easy and hassle free. We offer our customers our 10,000 Spins Guarantee, if you are not happy with your purchase for any reason you may return it within 90 day  of receiving your order.


      Our Promise To You 🙏

      Quality handmade hoops every time! The Spinsterz team, comprised of all females, enjoy brining the flow arts community props that we highly enjoy making for you. If you are not THRILLED with your purchase- reach out :) - We will make it right.

      Happiness Guarantee

      Try your hoop out for 90 days, if it is not bringing you joy even after working with us to help you acheive your desired outcome, no problem! We'll work with you to have it shipped back💖

      • We guarantee our hoops to land in your hands exactly the way we would want them delivered to us. Please follow the CARE instructions regarding hoops (included in package), or email us at with any questions.
      • We are reasonable people, just reach out and let's chat.


      What is the size and weight of this hoop?

      You can select your preferred size (diameter) of hoop.

      Average Weight of 3/4" Polypro Hoops

      36″ OD – 8.2oz
      33″ OD – 7.2oz
      30″ OD – 6.4oz

      5/8" thickness will be even lighter.

      Is this a Good Size and Weight for Me?


      When it comes to choosing a polypro size, this is going to be very subjective based on what your goals are, who you've been hanging out with and what they've been telling you.

      Here's some guidlines:

      3/4" is easier to learn with than 5/8"
      Bigger is easier. A 34" is pretty common size for beginners.

      Our most popular size is 28"

      If you are unsure, I HIGHLY recommend the Grow With Your Flow Hoop

      This hoop changes into 7 or 8 different sizes depending on if you get the 3/4" or 5/8" version.


      Average Weight of 3/4" Polypro Hoops

      36″ OD – 8.2oz
      33″ OD – 7.2oz
      30″ OD – 6.4oz

      5/8" thickness will be even lighter.

      What About Grip? What is 3M?

      3M is a brand name company that makes a special sort of tape that makes hooping magic! The tape itself has a very soft rubbery texture to it that works wonders in keeping the hoop on your body and not easily falling down. 

      Some hoops, especially bare polypro can be very slippery on certain types of clothing. What this tape does is help grip your body and clothes which help keep the hoop from slipping down. 

      The tape itself is applied to the inner ring of your hoop (the part that touches your body on the inside of the hoop). It is applied as a long thin strip along the length of the hoop.

      If you are wanting to do isolation, ghosting sort of play, I would not recommend getting grip.

      The grip is NOT removeable, it leaves a sticky residue. You can however use GooGone and it will remove the stickyness if you choose to remove the grip.

      Do You Measure Outside Diameter or Inside?

      Our polypro hoops are measured from the outside diameter of the hoop.

      Here is a graphic example....

      Can I Travel With This Hoop?


      The hoop unclips and you can coil it down into a smaller version of itself. Be careful when coiling it down!

      You don't want to kink or break your hoop baby!

      Can I Add Fire Wicks to This?

      You certianly can!

      We recommend using 3/4" tubing for fire hoops as it is a lot more sturdy with the added weight of the Fire Hoop Wicks.

      What Our Customers Are Sayin....

      I ordered two times. The first time I got the N95 masks and a polypro hoop that was 5/8ths. The hoop was too advanced for me so I asked for an exchange and it was quick and easy.
      I got the dragonfly 3/4 polypro and love it!
      I'm so happy about the customer service, quick reply & kindness. This is now my all time favorite hoop. Its green and changes to purple. It looks great and feels effortless. I would definitely order from Spinsterz again.

      Great customer service and hoop quality!

      The communication and customer service of the Spinsterz is next level! I ended up ordering a hoop that was a bit too big for me so they offered to re-size my hoop, free of charge. :)
      I am so pleased with the smoothness of the polypro and and will definitely be purchasing more in the future!

      "This is my third hoop from Spinsterz. I couldn’t speak more highly of them. The hoops are an incredible quality. Love the colors, and they shower fun into my life. I’m so grateful to their team creating these!" 

      Morgan A.

      "I strictly use Spinsterz and fall in love every time I get another hoop from them! There must’ve been some magic involved because my mystery hoop color was my dream color hoop I’ve wanted for a while now!!"

      Sierra M.

      "I’ve been wanting to buy a polypro hoop for years and finally treated myself and my sisters for our birthdays :) we LOVE them! They’re lightweight, bouncy & really well-made. "

      Seaera M.

      "The Spinsterz team could not have been more helpful and understanding when I changed my mind about an order several times. Everything from the ordering process to the fast delivery was pleasant."

      Laura W.

      Why Choose The Spinsterz?

      Highest Quality Possible

      You don't know you have a poorly made polypo hoop until you've tried one of ours.

      ❤️ We've been making hoops for 18 years, and we've perfected our craft.

      ❤️ We precision make our hoops to the highest standards.

      ❤️ No Gap Design - If you've ever been pinched or had your hair pulled out by your hoop, you know how much it sucks. The Spinsterz hoops are seamless with No Gap!

      Experience Matters

      We've been making hoops for 18 years (longer than any other company on the planet, besides Whamo, and we have a great track record of providing strong, beautiful, and durable hoops. The Spinsterz Polypro hoops are perfect for on and off body flow, tricks and quickly discovering your joy through tapping into your meditative flow state.

      No Stress Investment

      Zero stress knowing you will get your hoop in a matter of days. We ship in 48 hours or less 5 days a week. We'll replace your hoop for free if it ever breaks. Your hoop is covered under our LIFETIME repair or replacement commitment.

      Your hoop will be perfect, we've made over 300,000 of them. If you are unhappy for any reason, you can return your hoop for your money back.


      Other Hoop Makers

      • Lifetime Hoop Warranty

        Your hoop breaks, you're screwed.

      • Ships in 1 Day or Less

        Can take more than a week

      • 90 Day No-Fuss Return Policy

        If you don't like your hoop, too bad.

      • Free Repairs and Replacements

        High fees charged or not even available.

      • 18 Years of Experience & Dedication

        New to business

      • Impeccable Customer Service ❤️


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 24 reviews
      J Jones
      I feel ripped off and misled

      I paid $28 extra for particular optional hoop colors with the polypro 4 hoop deal. My packing slip shows said colors highlighted, meaning someone inspected and checked off each hoop before shipping. So that means someone knowingly packed and shipped 2 clear colorless hoops instead of what I ordered. The clear ones actually cost $3 LESS than all the normal colors. These two clear ones I received were supposed to be special colors I paid $10 each extra for. So, that’s a $26 overcharge for sending me two of the wrong hoops. That’s half of my order. I paid $128, plus $24 for shipping, $152 total, for someone to KNOWINGLY send me something I do not want and did not order. I feel ripped off and misled.

      Rachael Froehlich
      Great hoops!

      A year later, and these hoops are still as sturdy and eautiful as day 1!

      Nicole C.

      I originally discovered spinsterz on Amazon to find out that I could get better deals through the actual website. It hasn’t been long, but I have 7 different hoops now and I will Gladly be getting more of the smaller sizes once I’ve mastered the bigger sizes and tricks — I LOVE YOU SPINSTERZ THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE THE COLORS!!!

      Brenda Murphy
      A Great Deal!!

      I want to learn double-hooping and this is a great deal. It's easier to learn with different colors of hoops, but it also allowed me to have two of the same color. And it was a great savings. These are wonderful hoops, well-made and beautiful. I buy all my hoops here. :)

      Hey Brenda!
      Thank you for choosing us to make you a set of 4 Polypro hoops with love >3 It sounds like you made some great color choices for learning doubles! Happy Hooping :D ~George-Anna

      Agnes Barba Sanchez
      Fantastic just what I needed

      The colors and the material are amazing, the only that I am not happy for the high price of shipping but I Know this are not on your hands

      Hey Agnes!
      So happy to hear that you are loving your 4 new Polypro Hoops! You picked some BEAUTIFUL colors! International shipping can get pretty expensive, thank you for being so understanding! Happy Hooping :D ~George-Anna

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