Pandora Fire Fan

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Pandora Fire Fan

Pandora was bestowed with many gifts from the gods as a result of Prometheus' bringing fire to humankind. Her namesake fire fan opens up a new world of technical fan dancing while retaining the ability for more traditional styles.

Compact and lightweight for technical spinning. Includes 2 rings: one for gun style spinning, and one for thumb spinning. Two models to choose from (Basic or Lotus) or create a custom fan set to stand out from the crowd. Four 2" wicks (sewn and secure) for lots of fire. The base model weigh 11 ounces each. Hand rubbed environmentally friendly vegi oil finish and a lifetime warranty!



  • Dimensions are 20.5" wide by 14" high
  • Uses 1' of 2" wick per spoke



NOTE: Due to the compact size, you'll feel the heat, fire resistant gloves are HIGHLY recommended.

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