4 Good and Cheap LED Hoops to Buy Online

4 Good and Cheap LED Hoops to Buy Online

The Best Cheap LED Hoops to Buy Online


LED hula hoops come in all shapes and sizes, well ok, not shapes....just circles 😂

It can be quite intimidating if you are searching for an LED hula hoop for sale and you are not able to touch it, use it, and try it out before you buy it. There are just so many options available online and I know how overwhelming it can be to choose one! 


This is the reason behind this guide, giving you back your time so you don't have to do all the research into which led hoop is best and which one is the best bang for your buck!


Let's first ask a simple question to make sure that we are on the same page and that this article is as helpful as possible. 


What Size LED Hoop Should I Get? 

Your best-LED hoop size should be as close as possible to what you are already using, or slightly smaller. The reason you might want one that is slightly smaller than your normal everyday hoop is that the components inside the hoop; the battery, lights, electronics, etc, all add a bit of weight to the hoop. This gives the hoop a feeling of being larger than it actually is. 


If you are used to working with a 33" hoop that weighs 7oz and then you get a light-up hula hoop that is the same size but weighs 2.5x the weight, it's going to throw off your flow. 


led hula hoop sizing


Before you go out and drop up to $450 on a new smart hoop, you should ask yourself a simple question.


What are LED Hoops Good For? 

Sounds like kind of a strange question, but for realz, why do you want to hoop with led lights anyways? Personally, I find it very distracting to my actual hooping. It's harder for me to get "in the flow" when I have lights and trippy hoop patterns dancing all around, above and below me! 


No, you don't have to drop $450 on a new smart led hoop, you can get a "normal" light up hoop for MUCH cheaper. I just want you to think about the reason why you want the hoop in the first place. 


You could always DIY your own light up hoop on a budget and just get a clear hoop and stick some glow in the dark necklaces in it and viola, you've got a glow hoop! 



*note - I actually do not recommend using the above method, only because I'm an earth loving hippy and don't like using throwaway one-time use glow crap from China, sorry China. 🇨🇳


Do LED Hula Hoops Break?

ooooo you're damn straight those sucker break! I'm sorry if that is not what you want to hear me say, but common, think about it with me for a second. 

You are taking a product that has delicate LED lights in it, electronic components that are most likely soldered together by hand by some dude (or gal) in a garage and stuffed inside a delicate piece of HDPE or Polypro plastic that is known to crack, kink, break and shatter. 


Then you, yes you the hooper takes that intricate piece of amazingness and twirls it around your body at light speeds, tossing it into the air, catching it on your foot, whipping it around your body in a wedgie and generally doing what most companies would consider HIGHLY AGGRESSIVE PRODUCT TESTING where the goals is to see how badly you can abuse the product before it breaks! 

It is AMAZING to me that hoop shops are brave enough to even make these things as they have to know that eventually, they are going to break, which is actually totally normal and fine as long as the person that bought the hoop understand this simple concept. 


broken led hula hoop

broken led hoops are not as fun 😭


Just imagine taking any other electronic gadget that you own and throwing it on the ground repeatedly, probably not going to survive. 


Don't Panic! Don't Panic! Don't Panic! Don't Panic! Don't Panic! Don't Panic!


I sure hope that doesn't scare you off from buying a hoop from one of the reputable hoop shops mentioned below. Yes, LED hoops break, but they are also resilient as hell and meant to take a beating, just don't be sad once it finally kicks the bucket and don't go asking the manufacturer to replace it. You crash your car, you don't go to Nissan and ask for a new one, do you? Yeah, didn't think so. 


Light Up Hula Hoop Recommendations

Finally! I get to the part where I get to say, let's go hula hoop shopping! Ok, so here's what most of you are going to do when you are shopping for an LED Hoop, (click below)



Hahahahaha! 😂 - That is one of my favorite websites!


Best Cheap LED Hoop to Buy Online

cheap led hula hoop

28 LED Rainbow Hoop

This is a hoop that we have been selling for a while and it has proven to be popular, affordable, durable and favorited by those looking to get a rainbow effect without breaking the bank.

Price $59.95


Most Beloved Hoop under $100

Glitch LED Hoop 

Glitch Hoop by Mood Hoops

Glitch uses all fast-blending rainbow LEDs.  The vibrant effect is intense and fast-paced. Mood Hoops has been around forever and makes some SUPER led hoops.

Price $69.00


Best LED Hoop for Beginners

Black Friday LED Hoop Sales

14 LED Rainbow Hoop by The Hoop Shop

The Hoop Shop® LED Hula Hoop comes with 14 Color Strobing leds. This makes the hoop light, not easily breakable and a great entry level LED hoop for people new to hooping or for those on a budget. 

Price $49.95


Probably My Most Favorite Design Ever!

grateful dead hula hoop

China Cat Sunflower

This led hoop was thought up for Michelle and Joe's LOVE for the Grateful Dead, being on the road and touring around to festival and shows. They are some grassroots LED hoop makers and we stand behind their products. 

Price $85.00


Battery or Rechargeable?


All led hoops have to be powered somehow and this is going to happen with batteries, either a battery that comes out of the hoop and you put it in a charger or a plug that you insert into your hoop and you plug it into the wall. 

Given these two options, what is the best one for you?


There are a few questions to ask yourself in considering what option is best for you and we're going to discuss those options below. 

  • Are you going to festivals?
  • Do you have access to power?
  • Do you have a little solar panel kit?
  • Will you be traveling internationally?
  • Are you going hard at a rave and hooping for 8 hours straight?


Let's consider some of the above questions to help you pick the right LED hoop. 


If you are going to festivals you are probably not going to have access to power, which means you won't be able to plug in your hoop to charge it. Whereas if you bring a bunch of batteries with you, then you can just swap out batteries to your heart's content and you will be glowing through Electric Forest all weekend long!


If you are not going to be a weekend warrior and going to shows a lot, I would recommend going for a plugin version. This way you don't have to buy a bunch of batteries that will eventually end up in the landfill. I really like the simplicity of not having to open and close your hoop a lot to replace the battery. Plugging in your hoop just seems to be a much more earth-friendly way to go. 


How Will you Use your LED Hoop?


Before you drop anywhere between $50 to $500 on an LED hoop you should ask yourself why you want an led hoop in the first place. YES, led hoops are cool as shit, especially those smart hoops that make all the pretty pictures. Personally, I like to look at someone using a smart hoop much more than I enjoy playing with one. I find all the patterns, blinking lights and graphics really distracting to my flow. 


Are you a hoop performer and you want to be able to perform on stages at Electic Forest, EDC, and your local club? Yeah, you probably want a blingy smart hoop to wow the crowd with the rich mesmerizing graphics smart hoops are able to display. You probably don't want a "standard led hoop" if you are going to be the next Instagram EDC Las Vegas star ⭐️


Are you someone that just wants to be a little more flashy at night when you are hooping, impress your friends and not have that idiot bump into you because they can't see you hooping at night, in the dark? I'd go with a standard hoop, as they are much more affordable, more durable and will easily impress others. 


Maybe you are a photographer that just wants to add some new cool elements to your photography skills and light up the night as Grant Mallory did for this article on Buzzfeed.


How do you use your LED hoop? We'd love to hear from you, leave a comment below!


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