How to Fix a Wonky/Crooked/Wobbly/Non-circular Hoop

by Brandon Huston March 03, 2019 3 min read 1 Comment

How to Fix a Wonky/Crooked/Wobbly/Non-circular Hoop

So your new polypro has come in the mail! Hooray! You unbox it and even let it sit unconnected for a while. But when you go to connect it…it is NOT a circle. And that’s okay. It is true that some hoops never become nice circles, but it is much more likely that your hoop just needs love, time, and gravity!

Try the following to get your hoop back into shape

Let Your Hoop Sunbathe


Letting your hoop relax in the heat, preferably in direct sunlight for a few hours will soften up the tubing enough to allow it to start coming back into shape. Make sure to lay your hoop FLAT on the ground, not standing up. 

Once the hoop is warm and malleable, start rolling it on a soft surface to get it to take a round shape again. Its good to push down on the hoop ever so slightly as you are rolling it. 


Give Your Hoop a Bath


This works for both multi-section hoops as well as single section NON-TAPED hoops.


Don't put your taped hoop in the bath! 


Multi-section Hoop

Take your hoop apart and put the pieces in a warm, not hot, bath tub. Let them sit in there for a few minutes or until the begin to feel soft and malleable. 

Take out the pieces and shake them dry. Attach the ends together so that your hoop is functional and then start to hoop with it. Just waist hooping, no breaks, wedgies, tricks or anything like that. You could even just hoop it on your hand or arm. The idea is that when you spin it in a circle, it will start to take on that shape and work out any wonkey spots. 

 Non-Taped Single Section Hoop

Take your hoop and hold it upright in the bathtub slowly moving it around and around in a verticle circle. This will ensure that every part of your hoop gets in the warm water and it heats up evenly. Just keep doing this for a minute or two. 

This alone will help the hoop become more round. You can also use the above method and hoop with it on your waist. Read above 👆.


Hoop Your Hoop!


Sometimes hoops just need a bit of love and attention, so go and play with it. Do some hooping like you normally would and it will slowly find its shape. Just because your hoop is not a perfect circle does not mean that it is not perfectly useable. The only thing that a non-circular hoop will affect is perfect looking isolations, other than that it will perform just fine. 


If Your Hoop Just Won't Cooperate


Sometimes a hoop just won't cooperate with you and it won't become a circle no matter what you do. This can happen for all sorts of reasons, like some irregular tubing, it got really hot or cold during shipping, it sat in a box for too's possessed by evil spirits.....whatever the case may be, we've got your back!

If you bought the hoop from The Spinsterz, you're in luck because all of our hoops come with a 6-Month Warranty and Lifetime Free Repair!


Check out this video on how to fix a non-circular, wonky hoop


If you've got any questions about these techniques or want some additional help, please get in touch with us at


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October 22, 2019

I absolutely love my hoops from The Spinsterz! I just received my poly 5/8 Aqua and I can’t wait to use it. The Spinsterz are amazing! They explain everything in a wonderfully entertaining and helpful manner. Keep hooping everybody. It changed my life and I love it!!!

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