Hoops and Corona Virus: How We're Dealing

Hoops and Corona Virus: How We're Dealing

What a wild and crazy world we are living in right now! 

Here is an overview of changes and things happening at The Spinsterz.



We are still shipping out orders Monday-Friday. We are a little behind at the moment due to several factors. Our current order fulfillment time is 3-5 business days. (Fulfillment means the time it takes from when you place your order, to when we ship it)

We are no longer doing local pickup and our showroom is closed until further notice. 

USPS is pretty overwhelmed at the moment and we have noticed that they have been lagging on scanning the packages in. 

If your tracking number says something like "Pre-Shipment" or "Label Created, Not in System", this simply means that we have shipped your order, but USPS has not yet scanned it into their system.

Please be patient. You can always check on your tracking by logging into your account. 


Customer Service

We are also a little slower than usual in our response time. We are a little short on people right now and it is giving us a bit of a delay in our response to email, social, text, etc. 

Again, please be patient and we WILL return your message.


Safety and Sanitation

We are taking our cues from the WHO and paying close attention to all news and new developments with the Corona Virus. 

We are sanitizing our work areas several times a day, washing our hands like it's the most popular thing to do and not allowing anyone in the building that has not already been cleared to enter. 

We are taking all measures necessary to keep ourselves as well as our customers safe and healthy. 



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