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Welcome to The Spinsterz! I hope you enjoyed the article about hoop fitness and how it can truly benefit your life.


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Our Best Selling Hoop for Exercise and Beginners

Ultimate Beginner Hoop

Ultimate Beginner Hoop

The hoop size is 38” in diameter and this hoop will work great for almost every unique and beautiful body. I promise. 

Hooping just 8 minutes, 1-3 times a week will allow you to feel more happiness, improve your health, and you’ll get exercise in a fun and unique way! This is ultimately what you want, yes?

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Something with a bit more weight to it......

The BodyHoop Joy

This is a product that we have designed and have specially made in an eco-friendly factory. The major difference in this foam-padded weighted hoop is that that it is made with steel instead of plastic. This makes it last much longer, feel more sturdy, and is better for the earth. 

The second major feature is that the foam is non-toxic and Phthalate free! No other padded hoop is made this way. 

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If you want something even heavier, check out....

The PowerHoop Deluxe

This is the cream of the crop of weighted fitness hoops and has won several design awards.

Powerhoop is the best-known brand in fitness hooping, promising not just a hoop, but a whole hooping community, online classes, tutorials and teacher training. The Powerhoop is your ticket to health, a great body, and loads of fun!

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Get fit with Kat!


Check out my YouTube Channel here and join the thriving community!

Working out with me is like working out with your best friend! I struggle and push right alongside you with our real time home workouts! We have all types of videos from bodyweight to using dumbbells to crossfit and more. Let's kick booty and have while doing it!

  • FUN home workouts with modifications for all levels
  • Mental health videos 💜
  • Muscle building recipes

NBC’s “Frogger” Season 1 competitor! 🐸💚


  • ACE-Certified Personal Trainer
  • Health Coach and Behavioral Change Specialist
  • Personal Trainer
  • Group Fitness and Kickboxing Instructor
  • MovNat Lvl. 1 & 2 Certified
  • CrossCore Certified

Coming soon......Hoop Fitness Training with Kat!


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