Yoga and Hoop Fusion – A Workout

Yoga and Hoop Fusion – A Workout

Hoop Community meet the Yoga Community….. I think you’re going to like one another! I have always been a fan of fusion classes. Exercising in different and unique ways is FUN! I would ask myself, “How can belly dancing benefit my hooping practice?” Or, “how can yoga benefit my abilities as a hooper?” This sequence introduces how we can bring the hoop into our yoga or work out routines.  I believe that if you like yoga and hooping then you will LOVE this sequence!


As you move through these hoop + yoga fusion poses keep in mind it is best to not put too much weight on your hoop. Think of the hoop as a little help with balance, that’s all! Imagine putting about 5 to 10% of your weight into the hoop while using legs, core, and arms to sustain the rest. If you have a polypro hoop at home be really, REALLY careful of putting weight on your hoop. Many of these stretches or exercises are best done with a fitness hoop as polypro shouldn’t be compressed! Have fun!


Forward Fold aka Uttanasana


Engage your core and hinge at the waist, hold and breathe for 5+ breaths

Yoga Mudra

Play with bringing your hands closer and farther apart

Twisted Warrior aka Virabhadrasana

Twist from your low belly all the way up! Feel the legs squeeze together and press strongly through your back leg. You can do this with the breath by exhaling and twisting, inhaling and coming back to center!

Warrior III aka Virabhadrasana III

Keep the torso, legs, and arms in one straight strong line. For a challenge lift the  hoop off of the ground.

warrior 3 with a hula hoop

Triangle Pose reach aka Trikonasana

Maintain a strong core and strong legs! You can roll the hoop away from the body and towards the body to make this more dynamic.

triangle pose with hula hoop

Low Lunge with back bend aka Anjaneyasana

Keep the tailbone tucked so that you protect the low back! Roll the shoulders back and down and extend from the heart.

back bend lunge with hula hoop

Tree pose with side bend aka Vriksasana

Add a little side bend for more core work!

tree pose with hula hoop

Dancers pose aka Natarajasana

Try not to kick too hard into your hoop here.


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I’m interested in hosting some hoop yoga classes and am wondering what type of hoops to buy for the students. Would love any advice!

Courtney Faiello

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