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    Sea Glass 4 Section Travel Hoop


    Arctic 4 Section Travel Hoop


    4 Color Mystery Hoop


    UV 4 Section Travel Hoop


    Tulip 4 Section Travel Hoop


    Black Tie 4 Section Travel Hoop


    Black Rose 4 Section Travel Hoop


    Mystery 4 Section Color Morph


    Pastel Travel Hoop


    Mosaic Masterpiece Hoop


    Streihawk Pro Model Dream Hoop


    Technicolor Dream Hoop


    Sunset Series Size Changing Hoop


    Supershine Size Changing Hoop


    4 Section Multi Colored Hoop


    3 Section Custom Taped Travel Hoop


    4 Section Deep Space Reflective


    Taped 4 Section Polypro Travel Hoop


    Single Color 4 Section Collapsible Polypro Hoop


    Grab your collapsible hula hoop, it's time to travel the world!

    Pack your bags, you've got a ticket to anyplace in the world that you want to bring your hoops! Our collapsible hula hoops LOVE to go places, see things and adventure throughout the jungles, beaches, mountains, lakes, streams, temples and play with monkeys! All of our travel hula hoops in this section collapse down into 4 or more sections so that you can easily put them in your pack, sling them over your shoulder into your yoga mat bag or just get all ghetto and duct tape them together, whichever way you choose to carry them is fine by us. 


    Our 4 section travel hoops are AMAZING because of the simple fact that ANY, yes any of our multi-section hoop sections will fit with each other. You are not limited to only using the few sections that came with your hoop, no, you can take the existing hoop sections that you got from us and make your own color combinations! Whether you ordered 2 years ago or you order in the future, you will be able to mix and match to your heart's content! 


    Any multi-section hoop will fit the sections of any other multi-section hoop, guaranteed!



    Multi section colorful polypro hoops


    Collapsible Travel Hula Hoop Collections


    Where are you taking your hoop next? We'd LOVE to know and see some photos! Please tag us on Instagram @thespinsterz and we'll share your photo with our followers ;)


    Untaped Travel Hoops

    bare polypro collapsible hula hoops

     You may have guessed that this collection is comprised of hoops that are untaped liked the ones in the photo above. We have many brilliant colors to choose from and every one of our colors can be mixed and matched so you can come up with endless combinations of colors for your hoops!

    Do you like the hoops you see above? That is the Strei Hawk Pro Model , it's made of 4 hoops, each with 4 sections and uses 16 different colors! OH yeah, this is a super popular hoop and we give some of each sale to Sarah to help support her in her hooping journey. 


    Size Changing Hoops

    grow with your flow travel hula hoop

    Grow With Your Flow has become one of our best selling hoops of 2017 and it doesn't surprise be one bit! Imagine getting 8 different sized hoops all for the price of one, now that is a DANG good deal. 


    The concept of the Grow With Your Flow is simple, when you start hooping and when you are learning to get the hang of it you are using a larger size hoop. As you become more adept at hooping you are going to want a smaller hoop, this is where the GWYF hoop shines, you can take the 34" hoop you've been training with and shrink it down a size or two, or even 8! This hoop is capable of making 8 different sizes so you can always be growing and becoming a better hooper. 


    Taped Collapsible Travel Hoops

    taped collapsible travel hoops

    In this collection of taped travel hoops you will find quite a few different varieties of collapsible hula hoops.

    • Color Morph Hoops
    • Supershine
    • Mosaic Works of Art (hoops)
    • Fitness Travel Hoops
    • Reflective Polypro Travel Hoops


    Just as all the Untaped Polypro hoops are able to connect with any other section of hoop, you can do the same with our taped travel hoops as well. In fact, you could even connect a bare section of hoop to a taped section of hoop! THE OPTIONS ARE UNLIMITED!

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