Beginner Weighted Hoops



“I started hooping 5 years ago for fun to connect with my then pre-teen daughter. I soon found that this hoop was offering me much more than could have been expected. I was spreading the ‘Hoopiness’ for about 3 years before I found out about Hoop Fitness and Hoop Dance. I was fortunate to have Abby Albaum from Hoola Monsters close to my home town and took her Hoola-Fit Certification class. I now touch over 60 people a week and continue to be inspired by and through this ‘Hula Hoop’ The weight loss was really just a side effect of the real work that was happening on the inside”

“I noticed the change in the way I carried myself, in my mind and my spirit. The defined core is just a surprise added bonus! It also helped rehabilitate my hips after I flipped my car off of a cliff. Hooping gave me incentive to push myself up, and work to walk again; I’m so addicted to feeling that flow. Hooping changed my body when it was unhealthy, fixed my body when it was broken, and is completely a part of my soul.”